Monday, April 24, 2017

This Life wasn't meant to be easy...if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it


A lots been going on in Amherst, we are just working and working. We actually have to start taking the Bus because we have driven to so many places😂and maybe get some cardio in. Its starting to warm up here and i am so thankful for that😎 So we are actually trying to start up a couple groups right now. One in Portuguese and one in Spanish. This are will soon be a multilingual area. So we already have a few Spanish members and all we need is a few more spanish people to start up a group. Life is good! Our area is huge like you could take anywhere from 30min to an hour to get to one place or another. But most our work is In Amherst. We mostly leave Amherst for one of our Investigators or to see members. This place has been good to us. We just helped a member throw away old stuff and we got a bike and an An lounge for our apartment. Now were on the hunt for another bike to just bike everywhere. Work off some of the extra weight i got from the mission. HAHAHA But anyways this week went well, Adlyn is doing great shes studying from the Book Of Mormon and were planning on seeing her 3 times a week. We also had a ward missionary fireside that we got to speak a little bit about missionary work and inviting friends to come unto Christ.

So like always i'll end by baring my testimony on the things i know to be true. I know God sent us to this earth for a reason. We know why were here. We are to be tested to experience pain and joy ,sorrow and happiness. This life wasn't meant to be easy, but if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it like my son(Elder Phillipsen) always told me. We have Christs Grace to lift any bondage that we have. I love my savior, Heavenly Father and his spirit. I also love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

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