Monday, December 26, 2016


Well hello everyone. 

This week has been great as usual. This week we went and caroled at Fairview Estates. It was Elder Heppler and I went and joined the crowd and started to sing with them. One older lady said off pitch.HAHAHA she was funny. When we were done we had passed around these bells and I got to go in the middle and shared a brief speech on why we go out and what were doing this Christmas season. That wasn't the only service project that my companion and I did this week. We also went to Salvation Army and put out the toys so that the adults can pick out toys for there children. There were so many toys🐨.  We also went to Southboro and Northboro to Coral to some less active and non member referrals that were given to the sisters. So the sisters and me and my companion went and caroled to these people. We went to this non members house that the sisters have been doing service for awhile. We started singing to the non member couple then the husband started playing guitar while we were singing. It was really funny he was in his 80s.  That was all the service we did this week. Besides that we saw Abraham almost everyday this week . He is gonna get baptized on the 31st . Last night had dinner with the Billiters , lynn ,Tony, and there friend doug. The Lynn and the Billiters gave us awesome presents.
Well with all my emails I will end with my testimony. This Christmas season we have shared a lot of messages about service and serving others. I feel like in our society we serve more when it is been brought to our attention like Christmas .  I understand that Christmas is a time to fully remember our savior and his birth and the example he set while he was on earth. He would constantly give and never receive. Now should we only desire to be Christlike on Christmas? Should we only serve and give on Christmas? now I am not talking about giving presents .I'm talking about giving up ones self for another. This should be a constant 365 days a year commitment. We as members made that commitment when we entered into the waters of baptism. Service others Is a beautiful thing. I promise all of you that as you constantly try to remember the savior everyday you will serve more and when you serve more you will be happier, this I promise you all.
Love ya'll
Elder Dalsasso

Us, the sisters and Abarham at a Brazilian Bakery.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Whats up, so this last week a lot of things happened. So we had Christmas conference. We had talks from The APs and President and Sister Miller. Then it was a big Testimony meeting. Afterwards we ate and then headed to the the temple. I did initiatories , An endowment session, and to finish it off i did some dealings. It was AWESOME! The day after was a little slow. We did weekly planning and did some stop bys. But that day was wicked cold. It got down to 9 degrees. For our last stop by we did we went to Sister billiters house. She told us to wait until 8 to meet her friend Tracey . So we waited and made cookies with sister Billiter and tracys kid because Sister Billiter was babysitting that night. She got there and we shared a mormon message on Christmas and she liked it. Afterwards Sister Billiter gave us 3 more Referrals. It was AWESOME. Anyways we start leaving it's almost 9 :30 so i kind of speed a little bit and i need to turn around. There was this car behind me so i speed just a bit more and i hit this curb and then i turn around and the alignment is terrible. I told Elder Phillipsen to go and Check the tire and we got a Flat.It was on the front right tire.  So we drive down to sister Billiters house and we park our car right in front of her house. Now i have never changed a tire and my companion hasn't either. We don't really even know where we should put the jack. My companion said he thinks he know where it should go. So we put it right behind the tire. Start raising the jack and the jack starts to tilt . Now i'm trying to unbolt the bolts. There frozen and i can't un bolt them. its like 11 degrees out side at this point. Were just freezing outside. Each time i try to torque the wrench the jack starts to tilt more and more. So i give up cause the car is gonna fall on top of my arm. So we called sister Billiter and we left our car there at her house and we came back the next day to try again. Well it snowed a lot and it was wicked cold so now i'm changing this tire in the snow. We managed to get the flat tire off and put the Spare on. We took it to firestone so they could put a new tire on and fix our right tail light. So we went and did some shoveling with the sisters for an hour to an hour and a half.  That day was wicked interesting but everything turned out ok. So last week i mentioned Abraham the Brazilian guy who showed up at church. So we taught him after the sisters english class on saturday. We taught him the Restoration and set a date with him for January 14th! He is so golden. We're thinking about moving his date to December 30th. So that was my week.

Now i know that Heavenly Father gives us opportunities on earth to grow and to learn from our mistakes. The plan of salvation will only work if we make mistakes and learn from them. As we grow and learn from our mistakes , our trials , let us be joyful for the things that we have learned from these hard times. Not only should we be thankful for our mistakes but we should be grateful for our loving heavenly father who is understanding and who is willing to help us as long as we call him. This is my testimony to you. Love you all 
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, December 12, 2016

The best Leader is the best Follower

What's up?

      So this week has been good. We're going to be trying new ways to find and teach people.  We're going to be working a lot with our members. We have a lot of members willing to work with us and find those who being prepared for us, so that's been going well. We have been working hard to find people. 
      One of the many Tender Mercies God has given us this week is giving us members that were perfect to help teach Cheryl and Nick. Usually we have a splits on Tuesday and Thursday, but none of the members on that list could come . So we went on the computer and the ward directory and I just started to call all these people. I literally called all the people I could think of . So I prayed and Heavenly Father Blessed us with 2 members who were perfect in helping us teach Cheryl and Nick. Nick like I have said in the past is ready to go . But Brother Colson and I resolved all of Cherly's concerns. Now we just need to help her gain a testimony of the Book Of Mormon. Lynn situation is still tricky. We are trying our best to figure out a way were she can get Baptized and still be with her boyfriend. Besides them not a lot is going on. We did have this guy names Abraham come to church yesterday. Our Ward mission leaders wife introduced us to him. He is originally from Brazil But he moved to Hawaii and then work on the temple in Idaho and started meeting with the missionaries. He moved out her and found our church and payed $25 for an uber. He said that he would like to be taught in English so were gonna see him hopefully this Friday.
      Well like always I will end by bearing my testimony. I have been pondering on my leadership and the role I have as a District Leader/Trainer. If I 'm being the best example. What could I do to be the best Leader. Well The best Leader is the best Follower. If you want to help those around and help them and be a great leader you must be a great follower. The greatest leader on this earth was the greatest follower. He followed and did the will of his Father. Knowing that by doing so he would feel the pains and afflictions of all mankind . But he knew that his Father wanted the best for him and for all of us. I hope to fully accept and appreciate being the last priority. May we all follow the example of Jesus Christ and become better. Love

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind"


     Well tomorrow I officially hit my 8 month mark. Feels like yesterday when I first got off the plane. Anyways today is the first day we actually got snow. So Its getting pretty chilly. We helped a member who is moving to the house literally right next to his house. Told him its getting pretty chilly out here. He said this is considered warm. It was 39 degrees outside. Then He told us that February is when it really gets bad. So we have something to look forward to besides Lynns Baptism of course. 
     This past week we did a lot of stop bys. Just trying to work with members and trying our best to see our Investigators multiple times a week. Well Lynn isn't an Investigator. She wants us to call her a seeker. A seeker of truth. Jeez I I Love Lynn. But we did a lot of stop bys. There was one point were we had no clue what to do. My son had the brilliant idea to pray and ask for guidance. So we did and the thought came into my head that we have to go see Ann. Elder Asay(former ZL) and I tracted in to Ann. We haven't been able to see her for awhile. So we knocked and she was home and we got to teach her about the Restoration. She had questions on which Church is true. Now next time we go over were gonna try to extended a baptismal date. This actually happened twice. We prayed and I had the impression to go to the Amollos . They are this less active family that we were trying to activate /teach sister Amollos daughter. When we came over she explained to us how she needs church and that her new years resolution si for her to go to church every Sunday. We were stoked to her that. Also saw Cheryl and Nick and taught them the Law of Chastity. That's always a fun lesson😅 But they are willing to live it. I taught her with Elder and Sister Marison . They are the Elderly missionaries who just joined my District.  Then Elder Phillipsen taught  Nick with Brother Rose our Ward Mission Leader. As of right now  there baptismal date is for the 17th of December. Elder Phillpsen wants us to buy a matching tie for every baptism we have. Then I will probably have Cheryl and Nick sign the back of my tie . 
     But anyways I would like to end with my testimony. I have recently been trying to work on my Humility . Knowing that I wouldn't be where I'm at now without Heavenly Father. God brought us to Ann and the Amollos. He is consistently waiting on us being humble enough to ask him what should we do . Sometimes our pride will get in the way of us  achieving true happiness. I know that true happiness is following Jesus Christ. So I am willing to be a last priority. Matthew 22: 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
 38 This is the first and great commandment.
 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
After this I will take care of myself. It won't be easy but it will be worth it.
Love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso