Monday, May 23, 2016

First Baptism

 First Baptism

Hello Hello! Wow, there are so many things going on at home. Ash i can't believe you're getting married. I'm so happy for you. Ryan is a stud and i hope you have an amazing marriage. William and Mak are getting too big, tell them to stop growing . Ryan you going to Granger, i hope you can whip that school into shape. I know you can do it. Jake and Ryan i haven't heard much but they're probably just being wicked awesome as usual. Sis and mom loving life taking care of the kids. And I hear Rob's business is great and getting bigger. I'm wicked happy that you guys are doing great. Well, i guess I'll talk about my week... its been bitter sweet. On the week days bitter on the weekend sweet. First we had 4 baptismal dates dropped and lost 6 investigators total. But the lord knows who's ready. "Many are called but few are chosen", Tanvir was chosen. I'm thankful that he was my first baptism. It was so special, he was ready. Giving him the Holy Ghost was the most terrifying thing i've ever done. To be an instrument in the Lord's hands and give someone else something that is so powerful its just mind blowing. I opened my mouth and the spirit took it away. I totally forgot everything I said after I gave him the blessing. It wasn't me saying those things. I was also nervous because he showed up a half an hour late to sacrament, I was worried he wasn't going to show up. The other sweet part was, we picked up 2 muslim investigators who want to become christian. It was a refferal from the zone leaders. They have been in America for only 10 days, they had to flee their country because they decided to put a picture of Jesus in one of their shops then people put a bounty on their heads, and they said whoever killed them would be righteous. You have to ask yourself, what would you sacrifice for Jesus Christ. These 2 brothers lost everything. One was even a lawyer in their country. Anyways, I have to get going. I love you all, you're always in my prayers. 

On Thursdays Elder Dalsasso and his companion work at the soup kitchen

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff comfort me. "

Well I've read all your emails and all of you are amazing. I miss everyone so much but the Lord needs me right now with and difficulties your going through let me know. My duty is to serve. Something that I've been thinking about is my life. I try to use this scripture everyday in my life its my scripture. Psalms 23: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff comfort me. That's just one the scriptures I've memorized. Being out of my comfort zone being away from my family and friends . Being in the 11th most dangerous city in America . It scares me a lot if there isn't a shooting by a barbershop or a moped lighting up on fire its not a regular day. But I use this scripture because if we have God we should not have fear. I've met people without god in there lives and I'm honestly scared for them. One of the people I know who needs God in there life Is J he doesn't know what he wants and we asked him to pray and then figure out whats the next step for J's life. Then God answered his prayer by bringing him more questions and I guess another girl in his life. J is a genius and is figuring out if he wants to get his PHD. But he told us he was Fertile and he needs to hunt. Then showed us some inappropriate texts... Me and my companion didn't want to read the rest of his messages. But J wants to change and be a free spirit . He's told us about his past and he just doesn't want to be the same quiet lonely person. I had revelation to tell him that through Jesus Christ you will be changed. Don't let your past define you. Its from what you do right now and onward that defines you. I have a past and I don't want that to define me . I challenge all of you to keep moving foreword. Everyday is a fresh start . And to do better or be better then you were. Life is just about moving forward. Alright now im going to stop being so serious Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat So one miracle this week was Ceaser . First off we have 5 baptismal dates. And a baptisim this week With Tanvir I'm going to confer him. Or give him the holy ghost. I don't know but im wicked nervous for that. But we have him and Doris and her 3 kids all going to get Baptized. I felt the spirit so strong with them and she said shes ready to come to church . The next day doesn't answer us never showed up to the place where she was supposed to get picked up. I was sad and angry. But the lord loves us so much he sends a random person to church. He went on Google looked up closest Christian church and he lives right down the street from our church. He said we had really good reviews on GoogleSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat We set up an appointment with. Well friends and family that's all . I love you guys and I know that all you missionaries are blessing a whole bunch of lives. Blue heartAll of you have already blessed my life. Love you guys talk to you soon!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Short and Sweet.... and PICTURES!

Hey everyone this week since we chatted yesterday is going to be wicked short I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to talk with all of you. I love you guys and I'm so thankful for all of you. You guys mean the world to me . Being in the ghettos has really humbled me to know that I would be no where without our lord and savior. Please keep sharing with me what's going on at home love Elder Dalsasso.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

It was such a blessing to be able to talk to Elder Dalsasso.  He looks so good and is doing really well. I don't know if he has mentioned in previous emails but he's in Revere, MA.  

Monday, May 2, 2016

"Boston is wicked awesome"

Hey everyone! 

Boston is wicked awesome have already been through enough up and downs to last me a life time. Once I got here I met my companion but didn't know he was actually my companion till the next day. First night we had dinner and our interviews and I was freaking out. I was so far away from home and I was just balling my eyes out when I had my interview. I missed the MTC and I missed the fact that I was literally 30 minutes away from you guys. But my mission president gave me a blessing and it calmed me down. The group of missionaries I first met I didn't really like I didn't feel welcomed, but I got to know my companion and now I love the guy. This is his last transfer he only has 6 more weeks until he goes home. One of the huge blessings I've had here was Stephan. He's our ward mission leader. He takes good care of us and feeds us. He is an amazing cook but he's not as good as Dhyani and mom. His story is amazing he was first Jewish then he didn't practice it then he went through many different religions also was a huge partier he was doing crystal meth before they even called it that. He has like 42 tattoos one is the angel moroni but ill talk to you guys about it when I Skype you guys. His spirit is amazing and him being homeless to where he's at now is honestly more then impressive. I'll let you guys know my first expirence when I Skype you guys I don't have enough time. We got to go clean our apartment. Just know that I love you guys and it really helps when you write to me and let me know everything is alright . Be ready for the Skype 2 o'clock after church .