Monday, September 26, 2016

Heavenly Father wants us to grow, that's why he lets us have opposition

Hello everyone! 

     This week has been great. I've been staying busy as usual. There are some people who we have made our prime priority . Susan being one of them. We saw her almost everyday. With her just being baptized and not having the Holy Ghost is really scary, but everything worked out i gave her the Holy Ghost yesterday. It was also fast and testimony meeting. Now Susan wrote out a talk to share in sacrament, but instead she just went up there and started baring her testimony. She started talking about her repentance process and then she said something that shocked all of us. She said "alright I have to admit something i have been raped". She said this in front of our whole congregation. I looked down then looked at Stephan and I asked " did she really just say that?" and he said "yes". Susan is still not accustom to what's appropriate to do in church. She claps when ever she likes something or if someone gives a good talk. HAHAHA i love her so much. She also got her temple recommend and were planning to take her to the temple very soon. Our other investigators are doing really well. We have almost taught everything to Shalyn. We set a baptismal date with Lana, she is this really sweet 9 year old Hation girl. She is a part member family. We're planning to see her 2 times a week. Maybe even more. Her English isn't all the way there so we have to take our time with her. Sometimes we have to share a message and then we have her aunt translate most of what we said, but she will for sure get baptized.

So this week Elder Clare and I went to go stop by this referral who wanted a bible. We knocked and she looked over her balcony and we asked if we could share a message and she said no. Just leave the Bible in her Mailbox. Elder Clare asked if she knew anyone who would want a spiritual message. She pointed to the house across the street and said go to his house he is a bad neighbor. We were like, oh no!  We go over, I knock on the door and this irish guy started to just cuss us out and called us a bunch of drunks. He went in his house, then came back out and said, are you Jehovah's Witness. We said no, were LDS and then he continued to cuss us out.  We then walked over and met this African man named James, he was willing to hear a message about Jesus Christ. We got his Info and we're planning to send it to some Brockton Elders. Now that is a perfect example of Opposition. I need to know sadness to understand happiness. 2 Nephi 2:23. Heavenly Father wants us to grow, that's why he lets us have opposition. I love you all.

Elder Dalsasso

Monday, September 19, 2016

Susan's baptism

What up everyone! 

This last week has been crazy! This last week i had the opportunity to go to missionary leadership counsel and be trained by Elder Rasband from the Quorum of the 12 and Elder Gong and elder Binnet from the 70! We heard some amazing things from them. One thing that really impacted me was when Elder Rasband said that "the Apostles aren't unfamiliar with the voice of the Lord" when he said that my mind was BLOWN! You could feel the spirit so strong in this meeting. It felt like i was going to the temple. He had that same spirit about him. I know that he is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We got a training on contacting people and sharing the Restoration within a minute. It was very helpful. We discussed a lot about the mission. How we can improve. We then took all of our thoughts and ideas and put it on a chalk board at the Cambridge Chapel. It took us two days to plan for Zone meeting and DLC(District leadership Council). Usually it would only take us a few hours to put toghether zone meeting and DLC. But we had not outline. So we had to figure it all out. The hardest topic we faced was figuring out what were eating for Zone Lunch. It went well though. We got some great feedback from our zone. Now there will bed another Zone meeting in 2 weeks we have to prepare for.

Susan got Baptized! We love Susan and we're so happy she got baptized. It was pretty stressful getting her to come to her own Baptism. Susan doesn't drive and she lives at least 20 minutes away by car. We have these members who are fellow shipping Susan and take her to church.. They kinda have some health issues. So the morning of her Baptism we had to find her a ride. Then as soon as we got to the Church we walked in to the Relief Society room to set up. We come to figure out that it was a Hispanic holiday. So the relief society room was covered in Guatemalan decorations. So we had to take it all down and put it back up after Susan's baptism. She made it and got Baptized. But the next day our members who are Fellow shipping Susan decided not to go to church again . So i'm getting out of bed and i'm starting to call around and see who could pick up Susan. We got a member to go to her house and Susan never came down. So now were in sacrament meeting and i get a call from Susan. She had her Phone in the other room and couldn't hear it ring. She was so sad she even started to cry a little bit. I think that she thought it was her only chance to receive the gift Holy Ghost.So we went over to her house and explained to her that we can do it on the following Sunday. She told us that she can really feel the presence of the lord. Hearing that made me so happy.

So me Elder Clare, and Stephan Went to go see this Potential Investigator named Berry. We went inside his home and we could hardly get a word out. This guy would not stop talking about his life. He had at least 10 last supper decorations and had to talk about all of them. He said" who has the last supper decorations" he said that multiple times. Then we said Berry those.HAHAHAHA He asked were i was from i told him Brazil. He pulls out his phone and says maybe you can translate this for me . He puts the phone on me ear and all i heard was someone speaking in Japanese. He said this is your Language right . I was like no thats in Japanese. We shared a scripture with him then he starts talking again. He said that people have told him that he has healing powers. He rubs his hands together and makes them warm. Then puts his hands on peoples heads and heals them. We all knew this wasn't going anywhere. So we tried to leave. He showed us his whole apartment. Form the light up Jesus on his counter to the food in fridge. We hurried out of there. 

Well, I would like to end with my testimony.I was reading in Alma 14-15. In there I talked about Zeezrom being a very wicked man but then after he figured out that the Gospel was true he became very very sick. Alma said According to your faith in Christ you will be healed. He then jumps out of bed and later gets baptized. Now this just shows me that heavenly Father is always giving us chances to return to him. We just need to be willing to except his mercy and we will be healed like Zeezrom. 
Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, September 12, 2016

5 Months Down, 19 More To Go


This week has been great. There has been some ups and downs but over all it has been great. Susan is progressing beautifully. She is making the commitment to God this week. She is going to be a great member. We're planning to take her to the temple as soon as possible after she gets baptized. She missed church this last sunday because her ride didn't pick her up.  Elder clare and i were on splits and he went with a member up to see susan. She said that she felt like there was something missing and she didn't like that feeling. I'm proud of Susan. I'll make sure to take some good pictures at her baptism. Shalyn is still good for the 15th of October. Elder Clare and I were worried about teaching a 13 year old girl about The law of Chastity . But we talked to her mother and she said that she could help us teach it to her. I don't know if i'll be here to see her get baptized but i'll see if i could drive down to her baptism wherever my next areas at. We have decided to drop Susana and Evandro for a little while. We haven't been able to get in contact with him. But hopefully we'll get to talk to them soon. We have picked up Two sister refugees from Uganda.They  were given to us by some sisters in Billrica. Their names are Samalie and Ester. They also have a small baby named  Isabella. Its hard to teach them when the baby is all over the place. Last week when we were teaching them the restoration with our member B.Valadez , Isabella was half naked running around and she was sitting on all of our feet. By the way when i mean half naked i mean the bottom half of her.I tried not to laugh cause i thought it was really funny.  Samalie and Ester thought it was fine. We were getting to the end of our lesson then Samalie finally decides to put pants on her baby. We also picked up a 9 year old girl name Lana who is a niece to one of our members. She's hatian and is just a sweet little girl. Mak and her would be great friends. 

Tomorrow I will have the privilege to be trained by an Apostle of the Lord. I'm nervous, but its going to be awesome. Whatever Advice I get I'll make sure to pass it on to my zone. Today were planning to do a zone P-day. To bring unity to our Zone. Hopefully people show up. We're planning to play Ultimate Frisbee. Well i would like to end this email with my testimony. My testimony is that i have the opportunity to leave my family for 2 years in order to bless other families. Now i wouldn't be able to do this without the love and support of my family and friends. Families are ordained by God and are the most important thing to him. Heavenly Father wants all his children back to him. Thats why he needs missionaries to go and bring his family back to him. This work means a lot to me. I have 19 months to help reunite heavenly fathers children back to him and i'm going to do my best .
I love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, September 5, 2016

First comes love, then comes change. I need to love the people before I desire them to make commitments with our Heavenly Father.


whats up! 5 months today wwwwooooooooo!!!! I'm getting old in the mission now. This is my 4th transfer in revere. I'm gonna be leaving soon so were gonna do our best to get people prepared to enter in the waters of baptisim. This past week has been awesome. We have done a lot of work. Our investigators with baptismal dates are doing awesome. Unfortunately we haven't been able to see our investigator Evandro(Brazilian Investigator). But we plan to see him today. Were thinking about moving Susans baptismal date for next Saturday. She is ready i have no doubt in my mind. she has said in her prayers that she is ready this time and she is wanting to get baptized. Nothing makes me happier to hear that someone is ready to make that commitment with our heavenly father and is ready to take the next step. Shalyn is also ready to get baptized. She is very receptive to what we teach her. Were also rying to get her mom active in the church again and maybe down the line start teaching Shalyns father and brother so we can have them be an eternal family.

The zone is doing great things i love my district and my zone. Its just a bunch of hardworking missionaries that are ready to find and teach. I couldn't have asked for a better zone. Us and the STLs(sister training leaders) are really gonna work on unity in our zone. Last transfer there were some problems in the zone. But we got some new missionaries and they are really making some improvements in there areas. We have Zone P-day coming up and a couple of Zone meetings that we have to prepare for. I know that if i'm spiritually centered on my purpose as a missionary then we will see a lot of miracles not only in my area but in my zone as i am following the example of my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I'm really working on being a good example for not only the missionaries but for the members and all the people i meet. Elder Clare and i went with the Lynn Spanish branch on a hike and when we got to the top we had a discussion on missionary work. We invited all the youth to invite 2 of their friends to a branch barbecue.

I would like to end this email by baring my testimony on Charity and the pure love of Christ. I was reading 1 Corinthians 13. Its paul discussing on charity.1 Corinthians 13:2  And though i have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though i have faith, so that i could remove mountains, and have not charity , i am nothing. My faith could part the sea, my faith could cause earth quakes but without charity i am nothing. First comes love, then comes change. I need to love the people before i desire them to make commitments with our Heavenly Father. I love all of you.
-Elder Dalsasso