Monday, June 27, 2016


Hey everyone! 

Another week in the books. 
Mom thank you for the cds and ties. I'm still gonna read your talk don't worry. Oh and can you let the bishop know he is a wicked awesome bishop and thank you so much for the package. I'm not entirely sure who gets my emails. 
Anyways this past week has been great. I think I have been getting fatter. We ate with the sen family 2 times in a row this week. First on Friday cause we eat there every Friday and then on Saturday. On Saturday grandpa Sen came up to us and said "this is buffet all you can eat". I ate like 9 eggrolls and 9 shish kabobs . The Sens make such good food I can't help myself. 
Besides getting fat we've been tracting a lot. I love to tract and find people. So our goal is 5 new investigators a week. Unfortunately we didn't get that this last week but we'll be getting that this week. 
I have also been gathering Portuguese books from the elders. My zone leaders are Portuguese speaking and said that I have got a good chance of me going into the Portuguese program. That would be sweet!!!!!! so I have been reading these Portuguese books. They told me to just ask president. Ask and you shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened. 
I'm also almost done with the first 12 weeks program. Then I'll be a regular missionary not a trainee anymore. That's exciting then I will have the opportunity to train someone. I would love to have a son sometime soon. 
Anyways I wanted to share with you a wicked awesome spiritual experience I had this week. So we went to dinner with Hichem  at Sister Marceos house. He shared with us that now when ever he talks about Jesus that he hears this whispering in his ear. That just recently started happening after he was confirmed with the Holy Ghost. Awesome right!! 
Nabil and Hichem just keep changing my life whenever I meet up with them, but besides that, our Investigator Daniel is golden. He is one of the investigators we picked up last week. He's 42 and he was originally from the Dominican Republic. He stopped smoking and has started to stop drinking . We haven't even taught him the word of wisdom yet. One problem is that he can't really read or write in Spanish or in English. So were gonna give him the book of Mormon CDs in Spanish. But he is ready he is for sure getting baptized this next month. Well, l love you everybody I'll talk to you next week. 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey everyone! 

     Happy fathers day to everyone and happy anniversary. Mom thank you for the package it was great Nabil and Hichem Loved it . 
     This last week was first slow and then picked up alot. We started off this week with playing Basketball at the Cambridge stake center. By the way its the most expensive chapel the church has built. Ill send the picture again so you guys can see it. But that was good we play ball like every Monday. Then on Tuesday we had zone conference. Elder Perkins from the 70 and his wife came and gave us a training. It was awesome it was about 5 and a half hours. Sister Miller the mission presidents wife gave a talk on being better. It was expiring to me. How people are good but they could be better with the Gospel in their life. 
     While I've been out here i have gotten so much revelation. Especially on how i see people. I'm still trying to work on this but now i see people for not who they are now but who they can be. The happiness they could have if they just leave their good to have better. That is what really matters while i'm out here is to give people the better. Like Nabil and Hichem.     
     My companion and I set up everything for the baptism. We had a lot of food and a lot of people. We got through the opening stuff then i baptized Nabil. Then uncle Stephan baptized Hichem . Stephan was shaking with the spirit. I had felt the spirit so differently. I had never felt it this way. After we baptized them i felt something new. I just had the feeling that something new came into this world. Something so powerful that it hit me in a way that i never would have expected. The feeling of 2 people being reborn. I can't fully explain to you the feeling. But i will never be the same after that. The next day Nabil and Hichem were confirmed with the holy ghost. I wish you guys were there for it. They will make a huge impact on the church. Through them i have been taught true sacrifice. Stephan said"you know i feel as that they were a gift sent to me". They were a gift sent to me to. 
     After church me and Elder Clare have a goal to get 5 new investigators a week. We only got two. My companion and i knew that we needed prayer we need to communicate to our heavenly father . Stephan and me and the comp Prayed that we may be able to find people to teach about the gospel. So we went tracting tomorrow and we got 3 new investigators and 3 baptisimal dates in an hour. We were fully charged with the spirit. 
     I know heavenly father loves us and i know that he loves all of you. Never stop praying. The day you stop is the day you will have no guidence. I love you all and i hope you have a wicked awesome week.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Hey Everyone! 

Just to let you know im thankful for all your emails it really gets me through the hard times. Anyways I'm doing great. Only thing is I really really miss you guys. But hey, I just got another 22 months until I get to see you guys again, so it won't be bad. This last week was kind of stressful. I had to take my My dad(Trainer) to the mission home. He has taught me so many things. Just to let you guys know my trainer was a legend. He was assistant to the president for 10 months! he knew every missionary. He would have to be the reason why I'm such a great teacher now. I also have gotten a lot more confidence with how I talk how I act. Just overall changed me and my life forever. He left now I've taken over the area with my next trainer. He has been out for a year. His name is Elder Clare he is a boss. He lived in gilbert ,Arizona. He told me that Gillbert is just a huge Mormon town. He is also a baller he has 4 scholarship offers from collages to play football. He has showed me some things to in only this short time of us being companions. "If you want to baptize everyone, You must talk to everyone". So that's what we have been doing. We talk to everyone. We're are just passing out book of Mormons out to everyone. Even if they don't want to hear our message I'm still giving them a book of Mormon. I noticed you can't ask them if you want a book of Mormon. You just have to give it to them. Oh And I almost forgot. This Saturday on the 18th Nabil and Hachem are getting baptized. And I'm Baptizing Nabil!!! I'm so pumped. Now I have given someone the holy ghost and im going to baptize some one. When he said that I could do it I felt so happy. We are gonna make this a huge event We're trying to bring our whole ward to their baptisim. There is gonna be lots of food, some really good speakers, and hopefully bring some of our other Investigators. Its gonna be a wicked amazing Baptism . Another Great thing is our members they are just wicked sweet. The fish family has to be one of my Faviorte members. Sister fish is a trainer and her 2 sons are just wicked great. Her oldest son Josh said that he missed us and called us his brothers. He is in martials arts and he is all muscular. He is only 9 years old. Me and Elder Clare are gonna do casthletics workout with Sister fish and her boyfriend who is also a trainer . Were gonna be working out at 5:30 in the morning. Also another family is sister Marceuo and her son Brayden. Her son gave us both a tie. Then when we went home sister Marceuo Texted us saying her son wanted us to come over more often and that were really cool. I'm So thankful for this area I hope I stay here for a long time. I could stay for half my mission. Hey I love you guys and I Will talk to you next week love ya again!!!!

Buckley Family - They have really wicked Boston accent

Nabil and Hachem

At a lesson with a member - Gloria (Thanks Stephan for the pictures)

"Just came from a  HUGE mexican lunch. Pooped out" by Stephan (ward mission leader)
Sounds like my little big brother hasn't changed his eating habits one bit.  :)

A cool little fact about this picture... the brown tie he's wearing belonged to Ryan's dad.  For those who don't know, Ryan is my husband, Elder Dalsasso's favorite (and only) brother in law.  They have always been really close. Ryan's dad wore that tie during his mission.  He then passed on the tie to Ryan when Ryan left on his mission.  Elder Dalsasso is the 3rd missionary to wear that "beaultiful" tie.  It might not be the best looking tie, but it's pretty cool.  Hopefully in about 16 years, my son will be the one wearing that tie.

Monday, June 6, 2016

"Te gusta Jesu Cristo?"

Hello everyone! 

What an amazing and funny week. Oh, Dhyani, Mak, Ryan and my little monstah William, the package was Amazing.Thank you so so much Mak, it was the best gift ever!  
I want to start off with Nabil and Hachem this week. They are ready to get dunked. They are just so spiritually strong its amazing. They are getting baptized on the 18th of June and were super excited. We're planning out their baptism next week with my new companion. There are going to be alot of people coming to the baptism. They are so friendly and they want to talk to everyone. The only problem is they work so much, its hard to see them. We're gonna see them tonight and we're going to teach them the plan of salvation. Also plan their baptism with them. Please keep them in your prayers . Now i want to share with you guys a hilarious story. Elder Perkes and I went street contacting and we visited this house that we stopped by before . They didn't answer, so I saw this house across the street. It was big and purple I was like they probably want to hear the gospel. We went over i knocked twice and then this German lady came out with just a shirt on and her panties. She told us she was busy (to keep this blog rated G, I'm using the word "busy"). I was speechless and so was my companion. Then her dog ran down the steps, she got him and then went back up to her door and said life is to short baby. That was the craziest experience yet. Then we just went to downtown Chelsea and street contacted for awhile. We saw a guy just peeing on one of the buildings, just drunk and no one was doing anything about it. Chelsea is just amazing hahah! I even tried my middle school spanish and picked up 2 guys. I said "te gusta jesu cristo?" then i just gave them my planner and they wrote their names and numbers down. 
To answer some of your questions, yes the places where i'm serving are kinda sketchy, but I love it. It gets me out of the comfort zone. I've seen some crazy stuff we also saw a few drug deals, some guy putting drugs up his butt to hide it. 
I'm just loving it here. Alright, well I love you all we are going to meet with Nabil and Hachem. Also i'll be sending you guys some souvenirs. It should be there in a few weeks. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Making up for the lousy letters

Hello everyone,

   Sorry I had a terrible and short letter last week. I'm gonna make this a big letter if you guys don't mind. Oh, and yes Mom I got your package. I love it, thank you, I really needed those shoes. Thank you for all the food and treats and the belts too. You don't need to send me anymore packages for awhileSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Just to let you guys know, I don't get my packages and other things you send for awhile, because I usually get them during zone conference and zone meeting and those only happen so often . Zone conference once every other transfer and zone meeting once a month. Someone from the mission office has to bring it to one of those meetings. Anyways I'll start from the beginning of the week. Last monday was wicked sweet. We met our zone at Harvard's field. We played some football and then played some spike ball. Afterwards we went to MIT. My companion taught this guy named Pablo, he took us out to eat. Pablo isn't a member YET! It was funny, he has this little chiwauwa that he went around picking up girls. Then he took us around MIT and showed us all the cool departments. I notice the only people who really go to MIT are people in their 30's and older. We did that with the Lynn spanish Elders. Later that night we got both our appointments canceled. Enough about what happened on my P-day, lets talk about my investigators. We have gotten 12 investigators this month. It's been awesome, the Lord definitely has work for us to do here, but a lot of them have dropped us. Mostly for anti Mormon stuff, but we got some strong ones. One of them is J, J is a very anti social guy. He wants to get more out there. He talks to us about him being ferril and having the desire to hunt . The only way he knows how to get out there and get woman is when he's hammered . We just barely taught him the word of wisdom and chastity. We asked him to be a Mormon for a week and so far he's been doing great. He came to church and told me he didn't drink coffee that morning, so I'm super excited for him. We also have Reynaldo, we just picked him up this last week and he said that he would get baptized . He's getting baptized on the 18th of this month. He's a 74 year old philippino man, who talks a lot, so you kinda have to cut him off to actually give him a lesson. Our next investigator is Cindy, she is awesome, but very prideful. She's been going to our church for years now and has taken tons of missionary lessons and just won't get baptized. She either says she's not ready or that she already has the Holy Ghost, so she doesn't need it. It's very frustrating, but my trainer and I just decided we're going all out. She's getting baptized this Saturday, we're going tell her to cut the crap and get baptized. We're gonna pull out the it's a commandment card on her . She canceled on us last week. I think it's because she knows that she's getting dunked. It's inevitable . 
    It's funny all the missionaries around me are like holy crap that's a huge letter.hahaha I got to make up for my lousy letters! 
    Oh, those Muslim brothers, Nabil and Hachem...they are AMAZING. They love the church. They have been to church the past 2 weeks. It's hard to give them the lessons, because they work so much and so hard. They have only been in this country for about 20 days. We're extending baptism to them tomorrow, but Nabil has already asked what he could do to get baptized. Winking face 
   You all know Stephan, he's coming down in June I think. He is wicked awesome, he takes care of us. He feeds us a lot of the time. I would love it if you all got to meet him. He has a powerful testimony. 
   Last things I'm gonna talk about . Please mom could you send me a CD with church songs. I'm tired of my companions CD . If you could put army of Helaman and never be the same on there it would be great. Mom, how is my mom in Brazil ? Is she still taking the lessons? How is grandpa? Thank you so much for all the emails I love you guys!

Other News: Sam will be getting a new companion next week.

Picnic after district meeting

Meet the Sen family - A sweet Cambodian family, who feeds the missionaries every friday, and has done so for 20 years