Monday, February 20, 2017

The Day Sam Forgot How to Say a Prayer....

Hey whats up, 

So this week was crazy!!! so in the beginning of the week i had to drop off my companion Elder Western. Served with him for only 2 weeks but he was the Best! I know he is gonna bless the lives of the Hation people in Boston. After we dropped him off we went to this really expensive Brazilian place called Boca De Chao. Sorry mom... Afterwards i dropped Elder Roughan at the mission home and picked up my companion. His name is Elder Seely. He is from Lehi Utah and he was originally from the Maine mission. But when i left Revere they got 8 missionaries from the Maine mission and brought them down here to our mission. But he is on his last leg. This is his last transfer so hopefully he leaves here with 3 Baptisms. We just had Tarans Baptism and it was great! Before he got baptized we talked to him about maybe going on a mission because he's 21. So he said that he is gonna be thinking strongly about this decision on going on a mission or not. I asked him how he felt after he was baptized and he couldn't explain to me how he feels. There were no words to describe the pure happiness he was feeling. He was also successfully confirmed as well. I was the one to confirm him and it was a great honor. Tarans interview with our Zone leader was so great that our zone leader came out and said that he feels enlighted from what Taran had said. His Baptism was definitely the High light of the week.

So this last Sunday i got asked to give the opening prayer. I got up there and i stared by saying oh God our e... Heavenly Father. I then said my prayer. I was definitely embarrassed that i messed up a prayer. But as i sat down and was thinking about mistakes and a gospel Truth sank deep into my heart. That mistakes are the foundations of change. God placed us here to have trial and error moments. Paul had been corrected multiple times in the New Testament. That led him to be one of the best Apostles. I hope that we can all understand that mistakes ,trials , and errors will lead us to change if we truly desire to be better. Repentance is the process in which we realize our mistakes and  fix them to make our lives better. Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, February 13, 2017

“He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding.”

Hello, This week has been very cold and snowy. We had to stay inside twice. Honestly this snow is mild. One foot snow and we have to stay inside. I can't be inside i have to work!!! But besides that we are still preparing for Tarans Baptism. He's getting baptized this next week. Were super Stoked!!!My next companion should be pretty excited for that. His name is Elder Seely and he's only gonna be here for a transfer . Sad that my companions leaving but he needs to go bless the lives in the Hation program. We also saw Cheryl and Nick and nick broke his leg. He has a cast that goes all the way up to his hip. So we need to wait an extra week so thats not bad. But we went over and gave him a blessing and taught him about blessings. Besides that there hasn't been a lot going on. Just excited for this next transfer. 

My testimoney is He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding.” (Prov. 15:31–32.) I'm starting to understand how reproof is a blessing in my life. Being able to receive instruction and getting rejected has been the best thing that has happened to me. I hope that we all may learn how to take and understand reproof. Because if we are willing to take reproof we will be happy . love you all
-Elder Dalsasso 

Monday, February 6, 2017

I promise that if any of you lack wisdom ask of god who will give you an answer when he knows your ready

Well this week has been a little nuts. First off we had a few exchanges this week. Went up to Worcester and had exchanges with ZLs. Tracted and tracted and tracted some more. It was so much fun. It was snowing wicked bad and i just had one jacket. Had no clue that it was gonna be snowing wicked bad but thats alright it was fun. Then the next day i had exchanges with Elder Roughan. We saw grace and Taran . We also had lunch at a Brazilian restaurant with one of our youth. Taran is still doing awesome and were getting excited for his baptism. Thursday was normal plan for the week type day and then Friday is when it got weird... So i'm with my son(Elder Phillipsen) and Elder Roughan just studying and preparing to go to Zone meeting. Then one of our APs calls us and asks hey you and the Framingham Eng Elders still live together right? "yeah" Our AP then says OK thanks bye. Then a few minutes later we get a call from our President. I was thinking oh no what did we do wrong. Then he says Elder Phillipsen your going down to Southington CT. We were like now way. So he started packing and after ZM we ate stopped by some families and said good bye and Dropped him off. Now i have a new companion for 2 weeks. His name is Elder Western and he's great! He is a Hation Criole Elder. He's from Murray UT. He's been out for about 15 months. I feel like i'm gonna for sure stay here another Transfer. Which i'm super stoked about cause we possibly might have 3-4 Baptisms within the next 2 months.

Well i got to get going but not without sharing my testimony. So this week i prayed and asked Heavenly Father to set us up so that we could be in the right place at the right time. So its around 7:30-8 and we just had a few appointments get canceled. So we get a card for this Less active family and were gonna go drop it off. We got out of the car and start walking. We see this girl crying and smoking and she is having a hard time with her kids. We pulled out a Book Of Mormon and testified to her . I opened up to the intro and read how this book is supposed to bring us peace in this life and the life to come. She then told us that a few minutes before we showed up she prayed to god to get peace. I testify that the power of prayer works. That us as diciples of Jesus Christ are out searching for the prepared. I promise that if any of you lack wisdom ask of god who will give you an answer when he knows your ready. I love you all

-Elder Dalsasso