Monday, March 27, 2017



This week was great just like all the other weeks. We found 4 new Inv. Sam,yevon,Mirla, and  Sandra. Sandra was a former Inv. and the rest we found tracting. Just trying to talk to as many people as i can. We have definitely seen the blessings that come from talking to more people. I also gave one of my last baptismal interviews to the Sisters Inv named Nora. She was so awesome. She was super excited to be getting Baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost. In our prayer she said hallelujah  in our prayer. She was really funny. As soon as we were done i got a text saying that i was realesed from being a District Leader. Then later that day i found out that i was getting transfered to Amherst. It was a huge shock! i didn't know that they would Shotgun(take both missionaries out of the area) this area. I hear that Amherst is a college town . I'll be working with a lot of people my age. I find that a liitle weird but i'm excited. All were doing now is saying our final goodbyes and packing.  

Well i would like to leave you with my testimony that i know that we can live with God again. He has given us the priesthood so that we can unlock the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven. He has blessed us with temples that will seal with our Families forever. God desires nothing more then to just have us live with him again. God loves us more then we can imagine and well not let us fall in to the gulf of misery. I leave that message with you. 

Love you all.

-Elder Dalsasso

Hit a rock that was painted white and popped a couple of tires

Saying goodbye to some families in the ward.