Monday, January 30, 2017

God gave us Commandments to enrich our lives with happiness.


This week has been one of the best weeks we've had out in Framingham. This week we picked up 3 new inv. and there all pretty solid. 2 were from the Area book. The first one is Grace and she was dropped before because on her progress record it says she wasn't keeping commitments. But we saw her and she said we called her at the perfect time. She is having a hard time with work. Grace is the Black lady who we took a selfie with. Were teaching her at her work every Wednesday and Friday at 1. Next is Taran he is the one with the suit holding up a Book Of Mormon. His story is that he was at the library grabbing some books and he saw a Book Of Mormon in the wrong section in the Library. So he took it and read it and then got in contact with the missionaries. So he was first dropped because he was under age and his parents didn't want him to be taught by the missionaries. Then he moved in with some members and They went In active but he still wanted to come to church but he didn't have a car. But we just taught him the Restoration and Plan Of Salvation. He also committed to being baptized. He will be Baptized on the 18th of February. He told us he read a lot of religious books. The bible had way to many translations and he even read some of the Koran. But nothing made him feel good besides the Book Of Mormon. HE IS GOLDEN!!!!! He also came to church­čÖĆ The last inv. we picked up was Tracey, a referral from Sister Billiter. Her Husband past away a year ago . We taught her the Plan Of Salvation and she said she wants to meet with us again. Were gonna teach her next week. Also had the Opportunity to teach Lynn in the waiting room inside the temple. We read 2 Nephi 4:17-30. Talked about Forsaking the natural man. On the way inside i saw Missy. It was great to see her and talk to her. She has changed so much since i did baptisms with her. She has been truley blessed with the spirit of the Lord. 

To end my email i would like to leave my testimony that I know that God is willing to bless us as long as were willing to be obedient. God rewards through our works and desires. He gives us commandments for our benefit and well being. He gives us Commandments to enrich our lives with happiness. As i strive to follow the will of the lord i receive blessings. I recieved 3 this last week. I love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, January 23, 2017



so i forgot to tell you guys about Abraham. He actually moved to Florida. He was really worrying about a job so he prayed and he called his old boss in Florida and his boss said that i got a job for you. Then called another friend and he said that i have an Apt for you. Before he told us we were just driving and i had Elder Phillipsen give Abraham a call. He answers were like hey how are you doing? he said good i'm moving to Florida. Elder Phillipsen and I just look at each other and we were like what. But i'm thankful for the opportunity that i had to teach him. Now he is going to bless the lives in Florida. We called the Missionaries and they should be taking care of him now. Besides that we have been praying , fasting and doing all we can to find, teach , and Baptize. We have 3-4 appointments with some former inv. that were trying to pick up this week. We had Zone Conference this last Wednesday. So in the past I've mentioned how we want to Baptize 600 people this year. In order for that to happen we need to constantly be Finding , Teaching , and Baptizing. So our zone set a goal of finding 34 Inv. this month. So we need to come up with new finding ideas. One i'm trying to start up with in the next 2 weeks is FHE/ family movie night. Have our members bring there friends to a non threatening environment where we could just watch meet the Mormons and have some food. If anyone can think of some good ways to find inv. Let me know! Also Cheryl and nick are getting closer and closer to getting baptized. Cheryl expressed to us her feelings on the Book Of Mormon. She said that she believes it. So now we just need to figure out whats the next step. Hopefully setting a solid Baptismal date for February.

so now i would like to end with my testimony that i know the Church is true and i know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. That God the Father and his Beloved son Jesus Christ trusted the young boy Joseph Smith to restore Jesus Christs true Church back to the earth. I know that Joseph Smith suffered much and was even killed for the Gospel. But he will be happy in the precence of our Heavenly Father and so will we.

love you all
Elder Dalsasso

Monday, January 16, 2017

Another week in Framingham

This week we have been working a lot with Inactives and Less actives . We even picked up a potential from it. We were teaching the Amollos this last Tuesday and we taught them the Plan Of Salvation. Sister Amollos Cousin sat in and heard our message. Now were gonna be meeting with him tomorrow night. We're super excited to be teaching him. His name is Abel and he is from Kenya. We also met went and stopped at Abus house this week. He wasn't home so I prayed and got this strong impression that i we should go see this former Investigator we get there and step out of the Car and here comes Abu just walking our Direction. So we went ahead and taught him the Restoration in a parking lot. Now we extended a baptismal and he had a big problem with that. He said that if someone take something from him he has to go and hurt that person who took something from him. He said that if i get baptized i can't sin anymore then he went on a spiral and didn't stop talking so we decided to just finish the lesson. So our next lesson will be on love and Forgiveness­čśů If we ever see him again. We stopped by his house again and the guy who lives there said that he moved out and his phone doesn't work . SOOO were gonna pray and ask Heavenly Father if we can see him again. Besides that i stayed and slept at a hospital with one of the Elders in my District because his Appendix burst so the Elders in my District needed to take turns staying with him. The nurse came in and randomly started touching Elder Morales in the middle of the night. But anyways got to split. Were in the Apple store and were gonna go play some sports. Talk to ya'll later.

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, January 9, 2017

Christ's Atonement is sufficient enough to heal.. It's healed me.

Whats up, 

This week has been extremely chilly, Especially today . The high is 21 degrees. But Framingham has been experiencing miracles.  Were still teaching Cheryl and nick and we feel like there gonna be baptized soon. Also Deuigonne is wicked awesome! We taught him about the Book Of Mormon yesterday and asked a lot of good questions. He is willing to do anything in order for him to get closer to God. We also picked up some potentials. A family that lives in the complex just South from us. Were hoping to pick them up this week. Besides them there hasn't been a whole lot going on. I had to stay home twice this week. First my companion was feeling sick on tuesday. We went and started the new member lessons for Abraham and as were teaching i look back and Elder Phillipsen hasen't said anything and he is just dizzy and really out of it. He was cold and he was wearing a coat inside our members home. So i took him home and had him rest. Then on Saturday it was snowing like crazy so we srarted to slide bad in our Car. We only had stop bys to do so we came home and talked to our ZLs and we got red dotted. Red dotted means don't drive. Purple dot means don't leave your home. In this area if you can't drive your basicaly Purple dotted. Now i never ever want tro stay home again. It was wicked boring. We just studied most of the time. But i got to go there is a lady who needs the computer. 

But as always i would like to close with my testimony. My testimony is that i now that we face trials of every kind while we are here on earth. There will be some points in our lives where we feel that there is no hope, but we need not fear.  The Son of God came to earth over 2000 years ago to release  man from everlasting sadness and misery. His grace will pull us up when we are down. Christ's Atonement is sufficient enough to heal. It's healed me. I leave this with you

Love you All
-Elder Dalsasso