Monday, November 28, 2016

Miracles in Framingham

P-DAY! Well I gave birth to great missionary Elder Phillipsen.HAHAHA I am loving training right now. He is from Payson Utah and he just graduated this last summer. He is 19 years old and he just barley graduated this last May . He was waiting a while to get his mission call but now he is here. He was Captain on the debate team so he already kind of knew how to teach. This week in our first 12 week program were learning a lot of Fundamentals like revelation through church attendance or teach people not lessons. So his father(me) showed up super late... So transfer day was super hectic. We waited at our apartment until 12:30 to grab Elder Roughan (new Spanish Elder who came in) and take him with us to go drop off Elder Bagley in Revere. His Companion was meeting us there. We got to Revere around 2:20 . Now the night before we got a text from the mission saying that the day before thanksgiving is going to be backed up with traffic. Now I thought It wouldn't be that bad. My trainers meeting I had to go to was at 3 so it takes like 25-30 min to get there. Now Elder Roughan and I left there and we were on the road by 2:30. The traffic was wicked bad and as soon as we were making a turn to cross over to Needham there was a closed road. So we had to take a huge detour and I ended up at the mission home by like 4-4:10. I walk down stairs and everyone just looks at me. Walking in there is all these trainers and trainees sitting down. I saw the APs and like 3 of my former APs just standing by the entrance. President Miller just had a huge smile on his face and said we have a seat for you over here. It was not the best situation. But he started to announce the sisters and then he announced the Elders and Elder Phillipsen and I  were the first to get called up. Afterwards I apoligezed for me being late. I don't want him to feel like his Father abandoned him... HAHAHA  But besides that we had a great week. We set a date with Franklin for the 7th of January. We haven't been able to see him cause of work but we had an awesome Plan of Salvation lesson and re explained to him the the Apostasy and we were able to set a date. That choice he has made is going to change is life. Like the Gospel its dependent on our choice. We can be redeemed from sin and pain. We can feel gods love for us and gain a testimony on the saving grace of Christs Everlasting Atonement. But it for starts off with that choice you make. Do we want to be truly happy? Well if we follow Jesus Christ I know we can be truly happy and that is my testimony.
Love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso

Saying peace to elder Cage daddy. See him in 16. My sons first appointment.My district.Weekly planning

Monday, November 21, 2016

"I'm getting a boy"


   This week was awesome!!! This week Lynn made the choice to be baptized on Feb,14th. Elder Bagley and i were so happy. We have been seeing Lynn for 2 transfers. She has been progressing great. She is reading the Book Of Mormon everyday. She prays and comes to church. She is one of the best investigators that i have ever had. Most importantly is that she can feel the love Heavenly Father has for her. I hope that i will be in the area long enough to be at her Baptism. I hope to stay in this area at least 2 more transfers. I can finish my sons 12 weeks. 
     Oh yeah i'm getting a boy! I find out this Wednesday who i'm training. He will hopefully becoming in with 4 baptismal dates. We have Cheryl,Nick,and Lynn and we hope to set a date with our new investigator Pablo. CHeryl and Nick are the ones with Elder Bagley and I. Pablo is this half Brazilian half Japanese 17 year old genius. He is fluent in Japenese , Portuguese , and English. He goes around helping entrepreneur with their projects. As of right now we can only teach him at Dunkin Doughnuts for like 20 minutes. Because he is so busy helping  entrepreneurs . We came outside and he was driving a nice Audi. But he is so solid and wants to learn. Besides that we didn't do much. We did a lot of service. 
     But this week i wanted to bare my testimony on The Book Of Mormon. I have realized that the Book Of Mormon is really the keystone to our religion. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the most correct book then any book on earth. As a missionary i have the gift of the spirit. I can testify and bring the spirit to those i teach. But without them reading The Book Of Mormon it won't mean as much. People don't have a problem with tithing or fasting. What they really have an issue with is whether or not the Book Of Mormon is the real word of God. Is Joseph Smith a Prophet of God and did he restore the priesthood and that great plan that was given to us by a loving Heavenly Father. That is the real question that my investigators, members, and less actives face. 
     I can promise you that The Book Of Mormon is the word of god and by abiding in its precepts that we will have peace , joy, and Happiness. This also comes with faith and your willingness to give up your will to the lord. Put your trust in him.Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. Job 13:15. I love you all have a great week.
-Elder Dalsasso

P.S ward mission leader B.Rose in the glasses. The other guy i'm Dabbing with is Bishop Apke.

Monday, November 14, 2016

We need to be long suffering, patient, and Charitable

Sweet week. So first we had some exchanges with our ZLS. Elder Asay and Elder Seineger. We had a blast we started off that day just going to service at Salvation Army. We go in and grab all the food from the van then lay it out for people on a table. Then they call out #s and we tell them how much food they can get. Its a really fun service we do it about 2 times a week. Then Elder Asay and I did some good tracting and picked up some Potential investigators. Hopefully we'll be able to pick them up.Then the next picture is Sister Blood just so excited for district lunch. We had a powerful district meeting. I called sister Pegram and Elder Cagle to do the training. The training was on the great Apostasy and extending Baptism on the first lesson. So we were given that assignment to train our districts on that when we were  at DLC(District Leadership Council). Anyways it went awesome and i know that the training we had will definitely help my district.

     As you can see here we did some good service this week. Had to clean the rain gutters, Mow a lawn, and rake. We first helped clean a inactive families rain gutters. The Husband of our inactive member is not a member. He is the big dude with the cool beard. Were planning to eat at that there house and pick him up as an Investigator. The crazy part is that in that picture there is 2 sets of adorable twin girls. One is the inactives daughters and the other is there friends daughters. They were so cute. Anyways our Spanish Elders called us and asked if we could help them with service at there members house. You will see all of us in a big pile of leaves. Oh and hopefully you guys will get me doing a front flip into a pile of leaves. Here is a picture of us and lynn. She has the purple hair. She took us out to go and get cold stone and we resolved a little bit of her concerns. She said that she prayed for a baptismal date. She also said that she is close to setting one with us so we are super stoked about that. Hopefully My companion stays here for it. We get transfer text this Friday so i hope he stays. This last picture is of us and sister Herria. She will be feeding us on thanksgiving. She makes really good food😎 Besides that Nick and Cheryl are doing awesome . Nick is just ready to get baptized. His mom has some concerns. A lot having to do with nick and his progression in church. But were gonna be pray fully planning for each of our investigators.  
     Well to end my email of i would like to share my testimony. I have come to understand Patience and charity come hand and hand.2 Timothy 3: 10But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience,
 11 Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me.
We need to be long suffering, patient, and Charitable. Imagine our Heavenly Father looking down at his children. Knowing that we are fighting and arguing. Wars are coming and going because of the selfishness and the anger of men. Trying to be better then one another. When we really should be loving a person enough that you would like to see them on top. Have we ever stopped to imagine what our Heavenly Father is feeling right now? He knows our faults and our insecurities. He knows what we have done and what wrong we have done to others. But to think that he would give us a people with such anger a redeemer. Someone who knows us and loves us no matter what we have done. I hope that we can come to an understanding of Our Heavenly Fathers love for us and by doing so looking at other people like he looks at us. With love and patience. Just hoping that we would do the right thing. This is my testimony to all of you.
Love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, November 7, 2016

Next time we'll say the prayer on the couch...


This week was pretty sweet. We set 2 Baptismal dates for December 3rd . Their names are Cheryl and Nick. Cheryl is nicks mom. Nick is 12 years old and Cheryl is in her 40s . We had an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Then we set that date. Nick was so excited . He came over to the chalk board and talked to me . He wrote up the topics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wrote




Receiving the Holy Ghost

And Enduring to the End.

He check marked Faith and then he said ok when are we going to Repent. I said that we would teach you on Sunday. He sat down and said ok so that's like 5 days until I get to repent. It made me so happy. He knows so much knowledge already. We drew out the plan of salvation and he got my chalk and drew a line going to the telestial kingdom. He said i don't want to go there. So then he drew another line going to the Celestial Kingdom. Half of me wanted to take his seat and just listen to what he has to say. He had awesome questions. Like Whats the telestial kingdom and how can I get to the Celestial kingdom. We're so pumped for them. Now his mom is a little hesitant. But we're going to be working really hard with them to help them feel the spirit.  

Besides them our other investigators are doing really well. We started to read the Book of Mormon with her and teach her the lessons out of the Book of Mormon. We also picked up a former investigator named Cory. He has some mental issues. I'm pretty sure the place he is living at right now is a mental house but thats alright. He is a great guy. So we taught him how to pray and i aksed him will you pray with us on our knees. He was like no way that ground is so gross. He looked at Elder Bagley and said do you even know what your kneeling in. I look at it and its a old pile of vomit on the floor. HAHAHAHA it was so funny. Next time we'll say the prayer on the couch. We also have our investigator named Franklin. We just read some of the intro and enos with him you can tell he has real intent. He wants to understand and know if the Book of Mormon is true. We're planning on setting a date with him this week. Anyways we're really trying to reach our mission Goal of 50 baptisms in November and 50 in December. 

Well, I would like to end with my testimony on the Bible. I love the Book of Mormon and know the truthfulness of its message. I also believe in the Bible and its clear message that we have a loving savior who died and was resurrected for us, so that we may be able to do the same thing and live with our Heavenly Father.

I love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso