Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello everyone! 

These past few weeks have been awesome!! the work is really picking up here in revere. We got a total of 4 baptismal dates . One is Susan. When it was wicked hot like 103 degrees outside, Susan came up and started talking to us about her health. We were trying to get inside of a nice air conditioned building. SO Elder Clare gave her a card and we got her # and hurried inside. Next is susana. We were tracking Chelsea and knocked on this door. Her mom Rosa came out and started talking/ flirting with us. She gave us Susana her daughter and we set a date with her while we were teaching her the restoration. Next Is Evandro. Evandro is from Brazil but speaks really good English. Elder Clare and our mini missionary picked him up and set a date. The last one is this 13 year old girl names shalyn. Her moms Mormon and Hers dads Catholic . They let her decide which religon she wants to be apart of. She chose our church. So we taught her the Restoration and set a date. We have picked up more investigators these past 2 weeks then we have had the whole month of July. Those 2 companions that Elder Clare and i got really started up the fire again.

We got Transfer texts and i'm staying for another transfer. I honestly thought i would go Portuguese speaking but i could wait for another transfer or 2. We have done alot of street contacting in Everett. I have talked to a lot of Brazilians. My Portuguese is really improving . But i got to focus more on my zone and how they are doing. For missionary Leadership Council this month Elder Rasband from the Quorum of the 12 will be at that meeting. I'm wicked nervous to meet an Apostle. I will be a great honor to be taught by an Apostle. Anyways i got to go But not without sharing my testimony. I know that heavenly father sends angels to help guide us on the path to righteousness. I know that families are the most important thing to heavenly father. Heavenly father wants all his children to come back to him. For the people who understand the truth it is our duty to share the truths to all his children who are lacking it. My challenge to all of you is to be an angel to someone who needs truth and happiness. I love you all.

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 22, 2016

The holy spirit touches our hearts and our souls

Whats up everyone! 
     This transfer has been CRAZY!  It's gone by so fast. Week get Transfer texts this Friday.  I'm almost 5 months out on my mission. Time fly's when you're having fun. We just dropped off our mini Missionary last night. He is a great kid, we had a lot of fun together. He bombarded us with questions. How to recognize the spirit, how to street contact. It felt like i was actually training him. He just had this huge desire to do missionary work and it was very inspiring to me. He would literally talk to everyone. It makes me want to do the same thing. We did really good. 
    We got 4 investigators this last week. We have 2 baptismal dates for September and were planning on setting more dates this week. We'll see how it goes. We did a lot of street contacting this week because our mini missionary wanted to get out of his comfort zone. The first night we street contacted we went to Everett. Now Everett is a Brazilian town. There are Brazilians every where in that town. So some of the first people our mini missionary contacted were Brazilian and they didn't speak any English so i had to talk to them. By the way my Portuguese is really improving . Talking with all these Brazilians i start to pick my Portuguese back up. Anyways our mini got to experience a lot off cool things. one being zone conference. 
     I love meetings or what we like to call  "revelatory experiences". They are very powerful just the spirit working through everyone and the discussions we have are just powerful. I wish all of you could come and be apart of these revelatory experiences. We had many discussions . Some were how to teach the plan of salvation others were the attributes of Abanidi. I really enjoyed the discussion on Abanidi. You can see how powerful of missionary he was. He was very bold and had alot of faith. He reminded me of my companions. They are without fear and they are doing this work because of their love for the lord and his children. 
     Another exciting things was going on blitzes with the AP's. I went with Elder Miller and Elder Clare and Elder LaRose went with Elder Nixon. Elder miller and i went all of Boston. Each stop by took 30 min to an hour. We also did a good amount of street contacting. Doing work in Boston was really fun.

     So i got bad news...Caesar came back to Boston. His family wanted him back. He told Stephan he doesn't want anything to do with us or our church. When i heard that it brought me sadness in my heart. But i learned something out of this sad experience. Satan is always tempting us and is always getting at us. But its fine. There are people out there who are really ready to hear the restored gospel and i'm ready to find them. Everyone will know the truthfulness of the restored gospel sooner or later.  
     I would like to end with my testimony about the holy ghost. I read a chapter in preach my gospel today. It was about language and how you can improve your language. It also mentioned the gift of tongues. I know that the most powerful language we can know is the language of the holy ghost. The holy spirit touches our hearts and our souls. It leaves a mark. When i feel the holy spirit i feel Heavenly fathers love for me and others feel same way. If there is one thing i could learn in this life it would be the language of the holy ghost. 
I Love you All
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 15, 2016


Hello hello!

Whats up everyone. This last week was AWESOME a little sad tho because we had to drop off Elder Simmons. Now he's home😥 Mom i got your package after Elder Simmons left so i couldn't give him the tie you bought him. But we got a mini missionary! so i gave him that tie that you got for Elder Simmons. Oh and thank you for the package it was wonderful! For those of you who don't know what a mini missionary is its someone who will come out and live and be a missionary for a short period of time. So Elder Larose will be with us until this Sunday. He is such a great kid . I love this guy. I wish i was training him. He's from Utah but he moved to Connecticut Because his dad got a job to be an institute teacher at Yale . He's 18 years old. He loves the scriptures and he really wants to be a missionary. He has already taught a couple of his friends in Connecticut the Restoration. He is awesome!!!!!! we have set some big goals this week so were gonna try our best to accomplish these goals with Elder Larose. 

When we dropped off Elder Simmons at the mission home elder Clare and i got some weird vibes at the mission home. It felt like someone was dying. So we left with our Sister Training Leaders and went and got dinner with them. We had a discussion about our zone and what can we do for our zone. It went really well. After we dropped them off we went to the revere chapel to talk to Caesar. Unfortunately Caesar did not get baptized. He explained to one of our members that he just wants to focus on getting his money. He has no money but he is getting his inheritance. We have come to find out it's a lot of money. I can't discuss how much it is tho. So he explained to us how he will get baptized when he gets back from journalist school in 8 weeks. Elder Clare and i felt the spirit strongly and we let the holy ghost council with Caesar. Caesar said " are all christian churches so patient and kind like you". We told him that we probably won't be here in 8 weeks. He got confused and asked where were going. He wants us to baptize him because we found him. So were still figuring out a way where we can still baptize him. He said he might come down from New York one weekend and have us baptize him then he will finish his 8 week program in New York. From this experience My testimony was built on the fact that it is the lords timing. Before we talked to Caesar i had 2 thoughts. 1 just tell him to stay and get baptized. 2 Just let the lord handle this. Well i think you can guess which one i chose. Caesar will get baptized and i'm thankful to be apart of his conversion process. The lord knows whats best. He has blessed us with 2 new Investigators. One has a baptismal date and were gonna extend a baptismal date to this new investigator this week. Were gonna have our mini missionary do it.
Well I love you all! talk to you next week!!!

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 8, 2016

"God hath not given us the spirit of fear"

Hello everyone! 

    Wow, there is a lot going on at home. There are some awesome stuff going on over here 2. First off Caesar did not get baptized. We had to move it to this Saturday. This time its actually going to happen. He had to go to church one more time before he got baptized not only did our mission president say that but Caesar wanted to come one more time before he gets baptized anyways so it worked out. I'm super excited for him. But besides Caesar we got one new investigator named Dana Springer. His wife or girlfriend wanted us to teach him. He's a cool guy, he has been in the national guard for like 13 years and in the army for 16 years. So he has definitely served us so now its time to serve him. We also got 4 INVESTIGATORS at church yesterday!!!!!! Thats never happened before. Our other investigators are Frank and Jasmine. They have been investigating off and on for a while now. The only thing thats stopping them from getting baptized is them not getting married. So Stephan wants to talk to them about it and lay down the hammer. But we had a great lesson with them 2 days ago about giving your will over to your heavenly father so he can bless you. We brought the bishop and he talked about Narnia or the lion the witch and the wardrobe. The author of that book was a professor at oxford University. He was Atheist for many years then he had an amazing experience and converted to Christianity. So C.S. Lewis wrote Narnia to represent Christ and other gospel principles. When he told me that my mind was blown! the lion Represents Christ dying and then being resurrected. My Bishop thinks we should be aloud to read them on our mission because it has so many Gospel Principles.

     Oh i also forgot to mention we had our first Zone meeting this last week. On Wednesday we had MLC(missionary Leadership Training) and the spirit that was there was just amazing. Then on Thursday we planned out zone meeting and DLC( District Leadership Training). It went well i was wicked nervous but i got through it like it says in 2 Timothy:7 "God hath not given us the spirit of fear". So i got over my fear and had a great zone meeting. 
     Well thats all for this week i would like to finish this email with my testimony.I read Mosiah 26:24-39 this past week and it talked a lot about forgiveness. If a man truly is sorry and really repents for his actions then we should forgive him. Because the lord has already forgiven that person who repented for his sins. Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It helps you to forget about yourself and helps you stop being pride full. To be Christ like is to forget about yourself completely and focus on others. Thats when your truly happy is you your self doesn't matter anymore its the people around you who you really care for. My invitation for everyone who is reading this is to forget about yourself and forgive someone who has hurt or done something to you.

I love you all.

-Elder Dalsasso

Lunch with the boys after service. Everyone gets there own medium size pizza.

The beach from our Investigators Apartment

6 am haircuts at sister Fish's 

Some sandcastles from the sandcastle competition.​

The view from our apartment     

Monday, August 1, 2016

"The Lord is always watching us and if we try our best, he will send us someone to teach"


Whats up! 
    This week has been great. Still trying to figure out how to be a Zone Leader . I have a great 3rd companion who's teaching me how to be a ZL. It's sad that he's going home in couple weeks but it's his time to go home. 
    Oh, by the way he is looking for a car and i said that rob could hook him up with a good deal. His full name is Konner Simmons. He'll be going to Utah State. His mom is gonna call you sometime Rob just to let you know. 
    Anyways hahaha Caesar didn't get baptized because he has only been to church once and he is still working with the Iraq embassy to give him his inheritance . He will be getting a $100,000 and right now he is broke so he really needs this money. But he will be getting baptized this Sunday after church. I won't be able to take any pictures because he wants it to be private and he doesn't want any Muslims to see it over Facebook or any social media. I will try to take a picture before he gets into his baptismal suit. Caesar is ready i am proud to be apart of his baptism. I am so thankful that i listened to the prompting of the holy ghost saying be more obedient and don't go over you miles in your car. Caeser was one of the first people we met as we were walking up the street going street contacting. D&C 4:4-7. 
    This last week i had my first blitz with our district leaders. Most of the time we spent on that blitz was finding people to teach. We couldn't find anyone to teach but that drives me to think of new ways we can find people. The lord is always watching us and if we try our best he will send us someone to teach. Yesterday Sister Fish one of our members brought a non member to church. We didn't know that he wasn't a member so after we talked to them she texted us saying he's investigating the church. so were gonna try to pick him up this next week. Well i wanted to end this email with baring my testimony on obedience. With Obedience comes power. With that power i can teach and testify to people that will strike something in their hearts. Without Obedience i could not use the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood. With obedience i get closer to my Heavenly father. Obedience will change lives if your willing to take that step towards it. I love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso