Monday, July 25, 2016

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things"

Hello! Its Elder Dalsasso!
 This week has been nuts! Now that i'm a zone leader i have so many things i have to do. But i'm excited were going to be doing some great things out here in the Cambridge Zone. The day of the transfers i didn't get to see my new companion until 9 at night. We had to pick up and take missionaries everywhere. That was a long day. But i'm thankful for the missionaries who just came in to our zone. We just got 1 Chinese elder and 1 Portuguese elder. They are awesome. I can't believe i was in their shoes 12 weeks ago. Time fly's when your workin. This last week we didn't proselyte as much just because we had transfers and all this other stuff going on. Oh yeah almost forgot. My 3rd companion elder Simmons is wicked sweet. He is a great missionary. He is going to be training me and elder clare for 3 weeks then he goes home. He's from Idaho and plans to go to Utah state 10 days after he comes home. I honestly don't mind being in a trio with elder Simmons . He likes revere . He has been doing great with caeser. Caeser is supposed to get baptized this week on Wendsday but were not sure if were still gonna do it. The thing is caeser is ready to get baptized but he has only come to church once and he dosen't really like to share his feelings or thoughts with us. So we got a good lesson planned out for that. But caeser is leaving to new york so he could go to school. He plans to go next and stay in New York for 8 weeks. He has a big desire to get baptized before he leaves to New York. But don't worry i'll definetly keep you updated. Besides that Bethina just lef to Haiti to go see her mom for a month. Then hopefully her mom will say yes to her getting baptized. If she does say yes then we'll baptize her as soon as she gets back . Please keep her in your prayers. A couple of lessons behind we asked Bethina what if her mom says NO. She told us that she would lie to her Dad and say yes. Because her father is the type of father who says go ask your mom. I told her we didn't want her to be baptized into a lie. But the following lesson she said she prayed alot and her answer was to just testify to her mother. Then we shared with her Moroni 10:5 . It says "and by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things". We hope her mom will be able to recognize the spirit when she testifies. Besides Caeser and Bethina we don't got much going on with our investigators. Were just planning on finding more of gods children ready to hear the gospel.Were planning to have a ward movie night where we can have our members invite there non member friends. Then we can pick their friends up as investigators. Were also going to try and set up a family search class with zuncle Stephan(zone uncle Stephan). Then i can also learn how to use family search. Anyways thank you everyone who has been writing me and keeping me in your prayers. You are all in mine. Love you guys

Monday, July 18, 2016

Elder Dalsasso has some great news!!!

Whats up everybody!!! 
I guess you have all heard the news about me being a zone leader. Isn't that crazy. I skipped being a trainer and a district leader. Now I did not expect this to happen. Some missionaries have said that they have never heard of a missionary becoming a zone leader on there 3rd transfer. I'm just finishing my first 12 weeks now I have to get trained again to be a zone leader. Oh and its still me and Elder Clare but were getting a 3rd companion. He is going to train us for 3 weeks then he goes home. Some people think that after this transfer we'll leave and go be zone leaders somewhere else. I'm just happy to be doing the lords work. Were actually already zone leaders. As soon as we got our leadership emails we started to be zone leaders. Now I won't lie and tell you I wasn't nervous . I was freaking out. I just barley started to take over my area now I have to take over other missionaries areas as well. But hey with the lord on my side I can do anything.  Besides this awesome calling this week has been good. We talked to a pastor and that didn't go well. He was trying to convert us . It obviously didn`t  work. Also talked to a j dub and he said somethings to us that wasn't nice but hey you just got to brush it off your shoulder. We also have to drop a few invesigators because they are leaving for a period of time. Like bethina is leaving to Haiti for a month and Daniel is going to to be working in New York for a while. But when they get back they want to get baptized so we'll pick them back up as investigators. Oh and ceaser is going through a hard time. His mom just passed away and his family is blaming him . Because he decided to become Christian. We haven't been able to talk to him for a couple days but he texted Stephan this morning saying he is ready to meet with us again. Please keep ceaser in your prayers he really needs help right now. Another thing that's kinda sad is I have to say goodbye to some of the missionaries who have been here since I've been out in the field. But they are going to do some great things wherever they go. I'm very thankful for the missionaries I've got to meet and the huge examples they have been to me. I have had a lot of fun times out here in these short 3 months. Some of the pictures we took is us teaching a less active how to ride a bike. He did great and it was super fun . His name is Cotter Love and we have been working on him coming back to church for awhile. He has shown up the last 2 weeks . He has been tough at times to work with. He doesn't have strong work ethic at all. So we have had to work with him on that. Thats why were helping him learn how to ride a bike so he can go to work. He hasn't had a job for a few months now. But he just barley got one at Home depot . I love working with less actives , helping them understand the importance of church and the blessings you receive from it. It reminds me of elders quorum a few weeks ago . Sacrament is actually a requirement for exaltation. When we bring people to the waters of baptism were doing it so they can partake of sacrament and renew those baptismal covenants every week. Well thats all for this week folks I love you all. You are all in my prayers.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Amazing Investigators

Hey everyone

I got some wicked cool and scary stuff to tell you guys. I'm gonna first tell you right now we have some amazing Investigators. Like i could not ask for anyone better they are just Amazing. First i would like to talk about Daniel. Daniel is really progressing. He is ready to enter the waters of baptism. We were supposed to meet with daniel last saturday but he went to jail. We got to see him a few days later. The reason he went to jail was because he was trying to protect his daughter from a fight that her mother and boyfriend were gonna get into. Some domestic violence so then daniel stepped in . It was a little speed bump in the road but we know he will be good for baptism in a couple weeks. Next we got Ceaser. So Ceaser is the one who had a dream about the first vision. So this last tuesday Ceaser texted us telling us hey can we meet right now. So me and my companion had an hour till our next appointment so we decided to meet up with him. He told us that he decided to be christian now. He told us he is not afaid any more because he has this book(Book of Mormon). We extended a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month. My companion said you made my day. Ceaser said you made my life. He also said that he was gonna tell his family. A few days past and i'm on exchanges with Elder Dallona up in lynn. We rode bikes and i got to speak a little spanish. It wasen't pretty. 😅 But we come to figure out that he had told his family. His mom said im not surprised you always acted like a christian. His family started swearing at him and one of his brothers said that if you ever come near me i'll kill you. Ceaser later hears that his mom had a heart attack and his family blamed him for that. It was vey sad hearing this but then he said he had another dream. So when ceaser was in Iraq he was captured by Alcada they burnt him on his wrists and feet with cigarettes . Now he dreamed this expirence he had but this time Jesus came to him and showed him the markings and then hugged him. Jesus said let me heal you. He also mentioned that Jesus smelled like roses. Now my companion said this story seemed kind of iffy . Ceaser asked why did he have holes in his wrists and feet. Then stephan who was also there said because he did have holes in his wrists and feet. Then ceaser started to freak out again and was like no way . I really wish i was there to experience that. But lynn was really sweet my legs are still a little soar from the hills Elder dallona took me on. Now that was a really spirtual expirence now i got to tell about a really scary expirence. Yesterday we went on splits with some members. We went to this one ladys house who is a less active and has alot of problems with her boyfriend and other things. I had heard from another member that in the past there was a missionary who stood up and put the right hand to god and casted out demons. Now i mostly wanted to talk to her Boyfriend who is not a member but wanted to join the church in the past. But she had told us this story that she had seen someone being possessed and that in the possession the  spirit started to talk to her and no one else. So i had to give a blessing to her and i said to cast out the demons. I had a terrible scary feeling leaving and entering that home. I had stephan give me a blessing after because i really did not feel good. But i'm fine don't worry😅 But those were my expirences this week. I love you all and i will talk to you next week.

Monday, July 4, 2016

When the time comes to be a witness of the Lord, all you have to do is open your mouth...

Oi tudo Bem? 
Whats up everyone!!! Happy 4th of july!!! I'm glad to hear that everything is going great. Boston is sweet as usual. 
     My trainer Elder Perkes told me that Hoildays don't mean much when your on a mission. Unless its on a P-day. We started off today by going to the beach with a lot of our zone. Playing soccer then my companion and I and also the Revere sisters went and did some grocery shopping. We also went to Burlington to buy some more ties. 
     Oh and mom don't worry I'm gonna wear your tie tonight. 
     Now we're in Cambridge we just got done playing soccer the Brazilians vs the other missionaries. I'm starting to love soccer. I'm also learnig how to dunk from my companion so hopefully I can get it down. Anyways, at 6:30 we got a barbecue with a family then fire works with some of the missionaries tonight. Our Mission President extended our curfew to 10:30 tonight so we could go watch the fireworks. We're gonna be watching it on Revere Beach so you could see fireworks from all the different cities. I'm stoked. 
    I checked the scale I'm 270 now. I gotta stay away from the seltzer water. I started to love the stuff. It's basically carbonated water with a little bit of flavoring. 
    I want to share some cool experiences I had this last  week. I thought we would never have the same opportunity to a muslim again, but my companion and I picked up a Muslim guy and he said that our message was 95% true when we met with him. He lived in Texas then had a job offer in California. So he drove to California and he was 2 hours away from California then had something come over him so he turned around and came to Boston. The lord works in some crazy ways. He told us he literally had no idea why he came to Boston.   
      Another cool thing that happened is we met some  7th day invenths.They came and talked to us and then tried to convert us and bible bash. One of them asked "well we're both out here doing missionary work, who do you think is wrong?" I said "we don't think you're wrong , you're just unfinished" then I testified of the book of Mormon. My comp hurried and stepped in cause he thought there was gonna be a bible bash battle, but we ended up giving out 4 B.O.M s. Now I can promise you that I would have never said that. I literaly told them their religion was unfinished. That built up my testimony of when the time comes to be a witness of the lord, all you have to do is open your mouth, but that power to do so, comes from being obedient and asking our heavenly father for the pure love of Christ. I couldn't do the things I do without love in my heart . Well, I hope everyone has a great week I love you all.Blue heart󾓦