Tuesday, April 26, 2016

He made it to Boston

We got a quick email from his mission president.

This is just a quick note to let you know that Elder Dalsasso has arrived safely in Boston. We are excited to work with him and are grateful for your help in preparing him to serve the Lord as a full-time missionary. 
President A. Todd Miller
Massachusetts Boston Mission

Goodbye Utah... Hello Boston

Elder Dalsasso left for Boston this morning, which means we got to talk to him on the phone.  He was having some issues making the phone call.  A really nice lady could tell he was having some trouble and offered to call our mom and give her the payphone's phone number so she could call him instead. She even took a picture of him and texted it to us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"We all need to be cut down at times"

               Family, oh how i miss all of you. I hear that everything is going well. I'm awesome, I'm just anxious to get to Boston and serve the lord. The MTC has definitely put me through the worst of times and the best of times. This last week I've been able to teach some amazing investigators who want to know about the gospel and want to feel the spirit. I can honestly say that I've grown to love them. I've grown to love everybody here. SO this week or it was last week, i dont know, it feels like I've been here forever Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat One of my sisters went up to this guy who was be very obnoxious and asked, will you quiet down . After she left i could hear him from the the hall way. He said that she's gonna be a crabby missionary. I tried to not say anything, but then i thought, what if he said that to my sisters or to mak. I told my companion, come on and I confronted that kid. Don't worry, I didn't get in a fight, i just told him he shouldn't do that, then he gave me this crap that he always gets called out for stuff and he's sorry. I didn't care much for what he said as long as he doesn't say anything like that again. It's funny because that guy never said hi or looked at us really ever again. The people in my district started becoming like family. Im always around them and I've come to appreciate and love all of them.
             We've had it easy teaching investigators except for one. His name is Steven. What's great about him is that he prays, reads the bible and has a firm belief of Jesus Christ and our heavenly father. The only problem is, he's a wild one. He believes that since he accepted Christ he's already saved, so me and my companion have got some help from a teacher. Now we just need the spirit to be strong.
            Now i'm going to answer your questions. My companion is from Rigby, Idaho. He's a farm boy, he loves to shed hunt and run. He wants to have his own ranch when he's older. He is going to Modesto, California and so is sister judd and Sister Gullot. Our 2 other roommates are going to Indiana, Indianapolis. Their names are Elder Van Asdale and Elder Britter. Sister Murry is also going there. Finally Sister Montague and Sister Berret are going to Rowley, North Carolina. I'm the only one in my district who's going to Boston. Also they are all leaving a day before me.
          The best experience I've had is when we were talking about baptisms for the dead with an investigator who knows the bible. He said, I've never seen that in the bible, then the spirit told me to go to the topical guide and find baptisms for the dead and it took me to the bible. Then it literally said Baptisms for the dead and he had never seen that before.
          Three challenging things was homesickness, inadequacy , and competition. First one got over with a prayer and a blessing. The second was my teacher telling us about how she felt the same way when she was a missionary. The last one, I took stuff like it was a competition and had an elder talk to me about how its not a race to get people baptized. The whole point is to get them closer to god so that maybe they will want to take the covenants.
     Oh, and yes I'm getting your letters and thank you. It seriously makes me feel amazing hearing how you guys are, after a long stressful day. But don't worry it's not all stressful. I don't know much about my branch president. All i know is, his name is president Smith and he's a great guy. His two other counselors are awesome. One is coach Hill from BYU, his other counselor's name is Bills. Their wives are awesome too.
       My living arrangements are fine, its 4 to a room and the other elders are awesome. They have 2 gyms, one with just dumbbells that only go up to 75 lbs. I want heavier weights. Oh, I beat the bench press record here with 150 lbs and i did 100 reps. And yes, my chest is all better and I will be careful. It was just the machine. The other gym has these machines and have basketball courts but me and my district usually play volleyball.
        Now i want to share a quick testimony, I know that the lord puts these trials in front of us so we can break through them. I want you to go to LDS.org and look up "The Currant Bush" talk At the end of the day i want to say thank you "Mr. Gardner" for loving me enough to cut me down, so i can be better later. We all need to be cut down at times and we might not know why it happened. You might feel like you don't deserve it. , but I challenge all of you to thank your Gardner(The lord). He knows what's best for you and he loves all of you so much and so do I. I got to go but ill talk to you guys soon. I love you all!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MTC letter

Hey MOM! i miss you alot But everything is ok me and my companion are having a great time. His name is Elder Robison Hes cool we get along very well. He helps me learn so much and me and the rest of my district have gotten so close. I could honestly say i love them all and its going to be sad when we all leave. It sucks to that they leave a day before me but thats ok the lord needs them to go that day. The mtc was hard until sunday when we had great devotionals. the spirit here is amazing. So amazing that you just start to feel it all the time . Sometimes i think i dont feel but i do were just learning and being to busy that its hard to feel the spirit when your always around it.And dont worry i got your package thank you so much the food here is not that good it makes me miss the food that you cooked at home for meBut i hope your getting better someone told me that you havent been to the basement since i left home. I just want to you to know something that i read in hebrews it said that the lord will never leave you , you can only push him away. So know that i wont be with you for awhile but the lord will always be there. So if your having a hard time make sure that you kneel down and pray. Give everything you have to the lord not the man preaching about the lord.
But mom you have made sacrifices for me to be here and gone through some hardships you were being very christ like . You would do all these things just because you love me. like christ atoned for our sins because he loved us Your a great mom and please write to me as much as you can i love you and ill talk to you soonAnd by the way if you want me to get your letters by like the next day Just make sure to write something on dearelder.com i love you so much and please stop working.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sam's first email

Hey guys how are u im fine ive just been grinding and working its fun here just in the last few days i feel like ive grown up . My district is amazing and very spiritual i love them all!!! i do really miss you guys but i know that the lords got my back and he has your backs to. being here has really made me feel happy i know i made the right choice. the spirt is so huge here it gets to a point where u just feel the spirit all the time. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. i figures out that a child is just a child until he knows what it takes to be a man. A man must take sacrifices, a man must go through hard things in order to grow. Everyone here has made the same sacrifice i made and i just feel so proud of every one here even if i dont know them. sorry but this letter is really short cause our branch president only wants us to write on p days. My mailbox is #98 and and go on to dearelder.com and write as soon as you can. I have to go but my p days are on wensdays . and i havent read anyones emails yet sorry i cant but just know i love you all and you mean alot to me be safe. PS please pray for the investigators in the mtc they need alot more help then we do. you guys will be in my prayers love you❤

Thursday, April 7, 2016

MTC Drop Off

Yesterday we dropped off Elder Dalsasso at the MTC.  We already miss him, but we know he's where he should be and doing what he should be doing.  We can't wait to hear from him.  We're anxious to hear about his first day at the MTC, his companion, the food, his daily schedule... EVERYTHING.

I'm sure he'd love to have a mailbox full of emails, so if you'd like to make that happen... here's his email address: