Monday, September 4, 2017


Hey guys i'm alright! todays a holiday so i already don't have time to write and we had recent convert temple day today. and we need top leave the apple store here in a bit. sorry i Can't write a lot but i love you guys!!!!!
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 28, 2017

What do you mean its on the other side of town?

Hey Everyone! 

so there were a lot of cool expirences this week. I would like to first start off with a funny one. So on exchanges, Elder Fragoso and I are taking the bikes for the day. First off let me tell you these bikes are horrible. My bike that i was using would skip a link and only had the front brakes. My companion(at the time Elder Frogoso) had no brakes and would have to stop with his shoes. So we just got out of a house were we tracted into and found an Inactive member that said we could come back. So first of when we left the house it was time for our dinner appointment. So we get on our bikes and go, but Elder Frogoso and i saw so many familys that we had to contact. So we go and we think we know where were going we take a left and go on the other side of town. We get there and we noticed we went to the complete wrong side of the street(its a long ongoing street that cuts across town). We ask a guy for directions and he said you need to go back on go on the other side of the town. We go up this hill and my bike is so bad that i couldn't get up it so i had to run with it up the hill. We get to the Other side and i'm pedalin and pedalin and this Hispanic guy laughs at me as i'm trying keep up with my companion. We pass the street go down another hill and relized we missed it. So i had to run up the hill with the bike again. We get there and we were an hour late. Food was still good though😋 

A spirtual expirece i had was when Elder Frogoso and I went to teach this Hispanic guy and he oly spoke Spanish. I could understand what he was saying though. He just asked questions on Questions and wasn't really looking at the Big picture. But we testified of the Book Of Mormon and the truthlness of it and the lesson completly turned around. He said he knew Joseph was a prophet and that he would read the book of Mormon. I know that the Book Of Mormon is true and i know that who ever reads it with real intent wanting to know the mysteries of God that he will open up the Heavens and give you an answer that its true.
Love you all, 
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wow Esse Rapaz Tem 5 Nomes

Hey everyone! this week was awesome! Lots of miracles! let me tell you some.

-Steven got Baptized: so we had been working with Steven ever since i got into this area. Steven always had a desire to get Baptized but didn't understand really why he had to get Baptized by the Proper Authority. So we had taught him parts of The Restoration many, many times until it really sunk in. But it got scary when it was the day before his Baptism and he didn't under stand why his ancestors need to get baptized . We got worried about that because it was litreally the day before his Baptism. But we explained it to him again and then he Got it. The turn out was great and his mom showed up to his Baptism. 

-Next was Amalia: so we picked up this rapez named Mario and we picked him up and set a date with him for the 14th of September. So we try to see him the next few days and we saw him once. We planned on sunday to stop by again. We go and meet his Mom and she told us that she is a 7th day adventist and whatever. We started talking and she said she has wondered why there is 1 God and so many churched. We explained the Resto to her and she loved the message. She accepted a date to be baptized on the 14th and we feel strongly that she is going to get baptized. My comp said that he has always felt he should go talk to her but never did. 

I would like to leave my testimony that i know that this Church is true. That Christ lives and he is the Son of God. I know that as we walk the path of discipleship that we will become sons and daughters of an almighty and loving Heavenly Father. I promise that there are people ready for the restored Gospel and they are waiting for us to extend our arm and invite them . Bring them into the fold and let them know who they are and who they can become through our Brother and Master Jesus Christ i love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 14, 2017


OI pessoal! Hey everyone! 

this week was awesome! many many meetings. I had to wear a suit almost everyday last week. Wore a suit 6 times last week. Let me give you guys the Run down. So Tuesday we had Interviews with President miller and we stayed in the Warwick Chapel all day Tuesday. Then Wednesday we had MLC(Missionary Leadership counsel) in Weston MA. We recieved the training that we will be giving our zone in a little under a month.Then the next day we got together with all the District leaders and had our own DLC(District Leadership council). Just trying to figure out what we could do to help the zone be great! Then on Friday we started to wear suit Jackets to District meeting so that we can have a more spiritual meeting every week. Then on Saturday SONIA AND JOSHUA WERE BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so awesome! Sonia shared a heart warming testimony on how she feel so good and feels something different while she reads the Book Of Mormon. She said she was thankful for us and what we taught her. Honestly the whole time that we taught her, we don't think she ever said our names, but she said them and knew them,we were surprised in that testimony. After that we got to take some of the Recent Converts up to the temple. We helped with Baptisms and sealings. Next day Sonia and Josh received the Holy Ghost. D&C121:46 The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever. So this week was super super busy week. Tons of meetings, tons of time spent trying to organize and figure things out , and getting things all together. But it was so worth it, when we saw Joshua and Sonia get Baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. I'm so thankful for all the time i've spent out here on the mist and i'm so thankful that i have 8 more months to do this work. I testify and know this is the lords work and it is amazing. Love you all, Fica com Deus
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, August 7, 2017


So this is going to be really short...we just had transfers and i'm still with my companion Elder Coca and super excited to be serving another transfer here. This week we received a lot of new missionaries. So we extended a challenge to get 34 investigators from Wednesday to sunday and we got 30. This Zone killed it and we are so excited to be working with all these new missionaries. We are also having 3 Baptisms this Weekend. One is Steven who we have been working with for a while and the Others are Sonia and Joshua.! love you all, sorry ran out of time.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Please Open The Screen Window

So this week went well. Wanted to share some expirences with you guys. One was on exchanges with my son(Elder Phillipsen). So we went to go see there investigator and he is a little different. For example: We walked to his Back door and there was a dead Musk rat right in front of his door. So we knocked and tried to see him and nothing. So we decided to walk and we saw him coming our way. We talked to him and got to know him. Now this Investigator will believe anything he hears. We asked him why there was a dead musk rat at his door. He said it was to protect his house from something. He also told us that he thinks the Coyotes think of him as his pack leader and that the Pack leader gets the first big meal. So we go up stairs and we teach him the Word Of Wisdom. now at this time we'll just say he wasen't living it. We told him the first step is to get rid of the Coffee that he had(recently just bought this cup of coffee). So he said" i just bought it i don't want to waste it". So we said hey we will go buy you a big thing of juice if you get rid of that right now,"deal" throw coffee out the window and dosen't put up the screen or puts it down the drain he just straight up throws it at the screen. Elder Phillipsen and I were dying that lesson. He also told many different and hilarious things. 

Now to end off with a spiritual note. Elder Coca and i were stopping by to see our Investigator and just to make daily contact. We did and we left, but we decided to go a different way home. Our house was literally 1 minute away. But we went around the other side and contacted. We ended up in the Backyard of a cape Verdean home where there was tons of Cape verdeans and one less active cape verdean that we got her information to go back and see here. We also got the information of some of the other Cape verdeans that were there. I just wanted to testify that the Lord is constantly leading us. Its out choice whether or not we take that guidence.
Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, July 24, 2017

Kennedy's Baptism

Hey everyone! 

So this week was awesome not only for us but for the whole Zone. In total we had 3 confirmations and 4 Baptisms for the whole zone. Its was awesome! and Kennedy got Baptized. We have been working with Kennedy for a few weeks now. We knew that he was prepared from the first time that we  met him. I remember first meeting him and teaching the Restoration to him and his family. He said afterwards " yeah if you guys just stop by here i'll come to church with you". He is gonna get confirmed this next week and hopefully receive the Aaronic priesthood the week after. Now the next promising investigators are Sonia and Joshua. They are a mother and a son who we've been teaching for a couple weeks. They have a date for the 13 of Aug and there solid. We also have Kevin that will hopefully get Baptized that same day. Miracles on Miracles! Besides that we went to Zone conference and Elder Coca and I had to give a training for our zone. We felt the spirit strong and our words were just taken away by the Spirit. We talked about the importance of the scriptures and PMG , and that we can't teach with out the Spirit. We rode down to Zone conference in our brand new Toyota Tacoma! we got a truck ! When we got it ,it had 120 miles on it. Now we don't have to find rides to do exchanges. All toghether this was just a great spirit filled week.

I would like to end with my testimony that I know that we couldn't do anything without the Spirit of the Lord. If we trust in that promise that says D&C 11:21 Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men. I know that this is true first seek the Kingdom of God yourself then the Spirit will give that we you need for the convincing of men and in the bringing of souls to our father. Glory be to the Lord and his mercy upon us the Children of Men.

Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pawtucket Is Great!

Hey everyone! 
his week was great i can't write very much we have to
go pretty soon. But this last week was fun we went on back to back
exchanges. One with the Spanish elders in our District and the other
was with the APs down in Boston it was super fun! everything is still
the same with our Investigators. Hoping to have a few Baptisms this
Sunday. I'll keep you updated! Pawtucket is great were finding people
everyday. We found a mother with 4 kids last night and taught her the
Restoration. Were hoping to set a date with her soon. Love you all
sorry for the short email. I would just like to end with my testimony
that i know that the Church is true and that we are all children of a
loving heavenly Father who knows us each by name and he wants us to be

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, July 10, 2017

Miracles Are Happening Everyday

Hey everyone! 

this week went well. We found a lot of people this week.
Steven is doing great he's gonna get baptized this Sunday. His sister
will hopefully get baptized in a few weeks. Steven is 18 and his
sister is 13. We hope that steven will get the Priesthood and then
Baptize his sister.
So this week we went and taught 2 of our investigators , Zenilda and
her sister Anna. So we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and then we went outside and we noticed that someone threw a rock at
our Investigators window and broke into her car and stole her purse.
it was a bad situation. This was the second time this is happened to
her. They took all her papers including her kids papers. Hopefully
they find who took her things.
Yesterday we had a cool expirence where we talked to this guy and he
gave us 3 referrals. So we went over to one of the referrals and
taught her the Restoration. She was dominican so my comp spoke spanish
and i spoke portuguese to her. I got to get going but i know this
Church is true and miracles are happening everyday! love you all!!
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, July 3, 2017

Todo Fish?

Hey everyone! 

This last week was another awesome week on the mish. We were really, really busy. We started the week off with an exchange with the Providence Spanish Elders. That day was a day of miracles. Elder Seiniger and i were walking and doing work a lady calls him and talks to him and she said that she wants to get Baptized . We were like no way!!! she said she was Dominican and we were thinking we didn't talk to a Dominican lady today then we look at a missed message from the Providence En elders and they found this girl. I guess this girls Brother is a Bishop in the DR.  Oh i also found 20 bucks on the ground. It paid for our lunch and we gave a Book of Mormon to the server and she said that she would read it and we set a time to go back and see what she learned. I also got to go up to Newport and do an exchange there 2. We did some service went to District meeting and just had a good time doing the Lords work. Oh we also picked up 9 investigators this week and 2 people are getting Baptized this upcoming Sunday. Heavenly Blessings from above😇\
We actually picked up 5-6 of them last night. We tried to stop by one of our Investigators but they weren't home so then we both looked in the direction where a Cape verdian lady was sitting on her porch. My companion said " hey lets walk down this street". We talked to this Cape Verdian lady and then her friends and Family came out and we taught them all. They also all committed to Baptism. I just have a testimony on the still small voice. Their were many times this last week were i just felt guided and i knew i had to go somewhere. The lord will tell us were to go we just have to be in a place where we can hear him.
love you all,
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bu ta Papia Creole?


so this week has been super hectic! we had back to back exchanges. Our first exchange was with the ZLs in Springfield. It was a great day! contacting , dropping B.O.Ms( Books Of Mormon), and picking up some investigators. It was sweet! Then the next day we had more exchanges, but I was in Pittsfield. We did service and we swept and vacummed another churches chapel for an hour and a half. It felt ironic that to Mormon MIssionaries were cleaning a congregational church. For some reason that didn't feel right. HAHAHA anyways the exchanges were fun , but we didn't get a whole lot done in our area. On Friday we had our mission tour and Elder Foster from the Seventy came and trained us. The highlight was that we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and that brings strength in our lives. We also got Transfer text and i'm going to Central Falls speaking Portuguese!!! I'll be heading down to RI on Wednesday. I am super excited to be going into the Portuguese program and I can't wait to work down there. I would like to just leave you with my testimony, I know God answers prayers. I asked him to send me to the Portuguese program  last year and I had to wait a while, but its his own timing and he will always answer our prayers. Love you all!
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, June 12, 2017

2 Baptisms, 2 Weeks, Blessings on Blessings


So we had another great week in the Amherst area. First we went down to the Connecticut Temple to do Baptisms for the dead with Audrey. It was AWESOME!!! she just felt the spirit so powerfully. We also had someone from the temple presidency show Audrey a few things in the temple. She LOVED IT! afterwards she took us out to get some really good Italian food. It was like  9:30 when we left so we had to hurry home and it was an hour away😅 Oh and Audrey got asked to be in a church video. The Quorum of the 12 wants videos of recent converts to be put on a church video. We hope she gets picked to be in the video. 25 people are sending in there clips for this video. But we did ours in front of the temple so hopefully she'll be in the video.😉We also got to Baptize Zulma! crazy to think that we found her last transfer and she was just outside walking her Dog when we contacted her. She was really happy when she got baptized.  Then the next day she was confirmed and she paid her tithing 2, Made me feel really proud.Something i have learned from Zulma, Cheryl, Nick, and others is that we need patience. We can't have everything now, Its the lords timing. I was with Cheryl and nick for 6 months my whole time an Framingham. But with hope,faith, and Patience the Lord will bless you and those around you. Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, June 5, 2017


We Baptized Audrey this week. She is one of the most prepared Investigators I've ever had. She was really nervous , but everything went well. We had a good turn out at the Baptism. Audreys friend/Coworker came to her Baptism to give a talk on Baptism , She had given birth to a child 48 hour before. We were all surprised that she could even walk. Her Husband gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost. Now we are getting ready to take her to the Temple in Hartford, Connecticut . We hope we can go tomorrow because she will be leaving for Montreal, Canada this week . Now we are just preparing for Zulmas Baptism this Saturday. We are going to be teaching her the Final lessons, get her an interview, and then shes all set. This is gonna be a shorter email but I do got pics and I do want to leave you with my testimony. I know that God is preparing people each and everyday to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are our Brothers and Sisters and they need us to help get on this track of everlasting Happiness. The only way we will help them is by inviting, testifying, setting forth a Christ like example so that they will know who to turn to in their time of questioning. I know this to be true , I know that Audreys friend was that Christ like example for her and now Audrey can be that example for someone else.
love you all,
-Elder Dalsasso

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week of Miracles

Hello everyone! 

This week has been a week of Miracles! Elder Little and I have been blessed with our Investigator Audrey. Audrey is probably the most prepared person I have ever met in my life. She is just ready for the Gospel. Audrey was given to us by the Pittsfield ward. Audrey has a friend that attends that ward. So Audrey has been going to that ward for the past 4 weeks. We had our first lesson with her this last Tuesday and we've seen her almost everyday. She gets Baptized this Saturday. She wants me to Baptize her and Elder Little to confirm her. She accepted Baptism really well she actually said "when are we gonna do this!". So we set a baptismal service for this Saturday. Her desire to follow God and be apart of the Restored Gospel is aspiring. We brought up the temple and she said that she already ordered a dress for the temple😐 Elder Little and I don't know what we did to deserve such a golden Investigator like Audrey but we are so thankful. The Lord is guiding us everyday and is giving us the promptings of the spirit to be successful. She gets her interview tomorrow and then its just counting down the days until she gets baptized. Then were going to take her to the temple. Hopefully this next week to do some Baptism. Then after Audrey we will be Baptizing Zulma. We have been working With Zulma for awhile now. We just need to help her with a few more things and then she'll be ready. Now this next miracle was a definite prompting by the lord. So our mission has a goal to get 600 hundred Investigators, 300 last week and 300 this week. So Elder Little and I only found 2 last week and we knew we needed a couple more to help reach the goal for the mission and for our zone. So we prayed and asked the lord for his Guidance. We received 2 different impressions. Mine was to go visit this potential we received and my companions was to walk to this complex by our Ward mission leaders home. So we first went over to see William(Potential Investigator). As we were walking he was walking in the direction to his house. So we caught up to him and we come to find out that he had been baptized in our Church about 5 years ago. Now I think the Lord was throwing me a curve ball cause I was to focused on the #s instead of the person, but he did give us a referral. Afterwards we parked the at our ward mission leaders home and walked to these apartments that Elder little was prompted to go to. We tried to go in a couple of complex's and they were locked. Then a guy opens a door to one of the complex's. By the 3rd door we knock these to guys from Pakistan open up the door and invited us in to hear our message. Their names are Aliandeel and Bilal. We reached the goal and we know it was the lords hand guiding us to these people. 

Love you all,

-Elder Dalsasso 

Monday, May 22, 2017

The J dubs got there first...

Hey Everyone! 

 I got some interesting stories that happened this week. So to start off we had exchanges on Wednesday. For our service me and Elder Scorsby filmed a show. A member from the Pittsfield ward invited us to film his show. His show is called Woodys world. Woody sang and the other guy that was with him was reading some books that were made by the guy who wrote Moby Dick. It was pretty interesting , we were filming in the Authors house.
Elder Little and I are getting some good exercise in by taking the Bikes. Now we usually switch off bikes. One bike has all these different gears and the other is an old bike that our Ward mission leader found at a dump. Anyways my companion forgot what bike he was riding and the nice one has brakes on the handles and the other bike you need to back pedal to brake it. So we were riding down this hill and he stands up on the bike thinking it wouldn't stop him and then he eats it. He tears up his shirt, glasses, bag, pants and even his wallet. He tears up his knees and hands and they are just bloody. Felt bad, but it was funny😅 Then we rode all the way to Salvation army and Goodwill to find a CD player cause we get to our first appointment with Guermillo in the morning, and we walk in and the J dubs were there. We introduced ourselves and they said oh Guerillmo has been studying with us for awhile and we said oh same here. We just told him that we would come back another time. It was really awkward... And Guelimillo said that he would  listen to the Scriptures cause he can't read to well. We ended up not finding a CD player😖
Last story is that we brought The stubbs family with us to go teach this lady named Maria. To give you some background info Elder McIntyre and I met her awhile back and she started speaking to us in Spanish and cried and gave us her Apt #. Anyways we go and we hardly teach at all, this lady would not stop talking and she would be talking to Sister Stubbs because she was the only one who spoke Spanish. We got to Prophets in the Restoration and then nothing. Our member also couldn't bring her back to the lesson it was just a failure. So we say hey we got to go and we wanted to say a closing prayer. So Maria gets up with Sister stubbs and it looks like shes trying to give her a blessing. Maria literally put her hands on our members head and said a prayer. My companion and I had to look away cause we could not stop laughing we were just Dying😂  Well this week was interesting but on the Spirtual side of things Zulma who has a baptismal date said the she Believes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God , She knows its true. She told us that before we met her she prayed for guidance and when we contacted her we were her guidance, sent from God. I would like to end with my testimony on the power of Prayer. I know that God listens to us and wants to help us. He will answer us but its on his time. Love you all,

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, May 15, 2017

I know that this Church The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the Lord's Church

My companion and I have had some interesting things happen to us ever since he came in. So first we have picked up an Investigator almost everyday since Elder little has gotten here. We didn't pick up anyone on Thursday I think. Anyways that was awesome! we stopped by one of our Potential Investigators and his Dad comes to the door. His Dads name is KK and he's from india. Him and his Family were visiting to see there son Graduate. So we went in and started talking to KK. First off Mother Teresa is like next to God in their country,He literally said that... Then we talked about the Book Of Mormon and wanted to give him one and he said he couldn't read Holy Scripture outside of a Temple. He I have never had this problem where the Book Of Mormon is so Holy that he can't have one outside of a temple. So we got his information and are having missionaries in India Give him a Book Of Mormon. He also said that he would receive us in his country like we could sleep and stay over at his house, we chuckled. Then he looked at us with a serious look and he said I'm not kidding I'm completely serious you can stay at my house. So after the mission I might be staying in India for awhile...HAHAHA We also started to ride bike and on the way home my companion got his tire popped. So we were walking on the side of the Road calling people and our ward mission leader picked us up. That was pretty fun.

So to finish this off I would like to bare my testimony that I know that this Church The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the Lords Church. I know that we in our day have the priesthood , and by abiding by the precepts taught in the Book Of Mormon we will see our Father in Heaven again.
Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, May 8, 2017

Always Follow the First Prompting


This week was AWESOME!  found a lot of people to teach. Also went on exchanges with my District leader(Elder Warner). So first off it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get to there apt from Amherst. So Elder Warner and i got to there place and we still got like an hour or so to work and we didn't eat dinner yet. So we went across the street and got wings. Now they said it would be a 15 minute wait. So we were like lets go out and contact. So we contact one lady and she wasn't interested. But then we decided to go know on this door. Now on the previous exchange with the Elders we picked up this potential named Joey. Now we knock on Joeys door and talk to his wife and said hey we talked to Joey Ect. We go in and they have a family of 7 and 5 of them are eligible to be baptized. So we taught them and gave them a Book of Mormon, within 15 minutes we picked up 5 Investigators. We got back ate are wings then headed home. Then Elder Warner said so how many Investigators do you want to pick up this exchange. HAHAHA it was a blessing from above.
Next story is that we had canceled appointments and had nothing to do so we decided to Stop by some potentials. Now we stopped by a potential who we found out gave us the wrong address but knew the guy that was there. He wasn't interested. But before we got to this guy i saw a man and i was like i need to contact him. Ended up not doing it. now after we stopped by the potential we go and talk to this man his name is Jovonnie and he's from El Salvador. So we helped him unload his car and then we taught him a message on the trunk of his car and now were gonna see him this saturday. I have been following my first impression more frequently now. Like Elder Rasband said "First promptings are pure inspiration from heaven. When they confirm or testify to us, we need to recognize them for what they are and never let them slip past. So often, it is the Spirit inspiring us to reach out to someone in need, family and friends in particular. “Thus … the still small voice, which whispereth through and pierceth all things,” points us to opportunities to teach the gospel, to bear testimony of the Restoration and Jesus Christ, to offer support and concern, and to rescue one of God’s precious children." I testify that this is true that we should always follow the first prompting . Now i may not be perfect at it but i can promise that as we do it we will be blessed abundantly .
love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, April 24, 2017

This Life wasn't meant to be easy...if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it


A lots been going on in Amherst, we are just working and working. We actually have to start taking the Bus because we have driven to so many places😂and maybe get some cardio in. Its starting to warm up here and i am so thankful for that😎 So we are actually trying to start up a couple groups right now. One in Portuguese and one in Spanish. This are will soon be a multilingual area. So we already have a few Spanish members and all we need is a few more spanish people to start up a group. Life is good! Our area is huge like you could take anywhere from 30min to an hour to get to one place or another. But most our work is In Amherst. We mostly leave Amherst for one of our Investigators or to see members. This place has been good to us. We just helped a member throw away old stuff and we got a bike and an An lounge for our apartment. Now were on the hunt for another bike to just bike everywhere. Work off some of the extra weight i got from the mission. HAHAHA But anyways this week went well, Adlyn is doing great shes studying from the Book Of Mormon and were planning on seeing her 3 times a week. We also had a ward missionary fireside that we got to speak a little bit about missionary work and inviting friends to come unto Christ.

So like always i'll end by baring my testimony on the things i know to be true. I know God sent us to this earth for a reason. We know why were here. We are to be tested to experience pain and joy ,sorrow and happiness. This life wasn't meant to be easy, but if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it like my son(Elder Phillipsen) always told me. We have Christs Grace to lift any bondage that we have. I love my savior, Heavenly Father and his spirit. I also love you all
-Elder Dalsasso