Monday, May 22, 2017

The J dubs got there first...

Hey Everyone! 

 I got some interesting stories that happened this week. So to start off we had exchanges on Wednesday. For our service me and Elder Scorsby filmed a show. A member from the Pittsfield ward invited us to film his show. His show is called Woodys world. Woody sang and the other guy that was with him was reading some books that were made by the guy who wrote Moby Dick. It was pretty interesting , we were filming in the Authors house.
Elder Little and I are getting some good exercise in by taking the Bikes. Now we usually switch off bikes. One bike has all these different gears and the other is an old bike that our Ward mission leader found at a dump. Anyways my companion forgot what bike he was riding and the nice one has brakes on the handles and the other bike you need to back pedal to brake it. So we were riding down this hill and he stands up on the bike thinking it wouldn't stop him and then he eats it. He tears up his shirt, glasses, bag, pants and even his wallet. He tears up his knees and hands and they are just bloody. Felt bad, but it was funny😅 Then we rode all the way to Salvation army and Goodwill to find a CD player cause we get to our first appointment with Guermillo in the morning, and we walk in and the J dubs were there. We introduced ourselves and they said oh Guerillmo has been studying with us for awhile and we said oh same here. We just told him that we would come back another time. It was really awkward... And Guelimillo said that he would  listen to the Scriptures cause he can't read to well. We ended up not finding a CD player😖
Last story is that we brought The stubbs family with us to go teach this lady named Maria. To give you some background info Elder McIntyre and I met her awhile back and she started speaking to us in Spanish and cried and gave us her Apt #. Anyways we go and we hardly teach at all, this lady would not stop talking and she would be talking to Sister Stubbs because she was the only one who spoke Spanish. We got to Prophets in the Restoration and then nothing. Our member also couldn't bring her back to the lesson it was just a failure. So we say hey we got to go and we wanted to say a closing prayer. So Maria gets up with Sister stubbs and it looks like shes trying to give her a blessing. Maria literally put her hands on our members head and said a prayer. My companion and I had to look away cause we could not stop laughing we were just Dying😂  Well this week was interesting but on the Spirtual side of things Zulma who has a baptismal date said the she Believes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God , She knows its true. She told us that before we met her she prayed for guidance and when we contacted her we were her guidance, sent from God. I would like to end with my testimony on the power of Prayer. I know that God listens to us and wants to help us. He will answer us but its on his time. Love you all,

-Elder Dalsasso

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