Monday, October 31, 2016

By following Jesus Christ, I can promise you, we will have everlasting peace and happiness

Hey everyone!!!! 

     This week we have seen a lot of blessings out in framingham. We picked up 3 new investigators and a baptismal date. We set a baptismal date with Fiona Amollo for Dec 3rd. Were gonna extend 3 more baptismal dates to Frank, sherral , and nick. So Elder Bagley and I were Tracting and we saw Frank coming out of his parents house. We went up to him and gave him a finding faith in Christ video and shared a quick message about our Heavenly Father. We saw him yesterday before church and we taught him the Restoration. We also went street contacting this week with our mini missionary and picked up Shian on the street. We also taught her about heavenly father. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that I got another mini missionary. He was DOPE! but we only had him for a couple of days. His name was Kyle he was 16 and he's from New Hampshire. 
     Yesterday morning we also picked up sherral and nick. Sherrals the Mom and Nick is her son. They want to be taught separately because nick wants to be baptized and he said that his mom is what is holding him back from being Mormon. Nick is very smart he has read the bible and hes going to start reading the Book Of Mormon. His mom has got a lot of good questions. So they want to be taught at seprate times because they have there own problems and concerns. Anyways were gonna teach them the Plan Of Salvation next. 

     This week in the last hour of church we taught everyone except for the young womens and the primary. We taught them about missionary work . It was an awesome lesson. We had a lot of good discussion. Someone actually said that the reason it was hard for him to bring his friend to the missionaries was because he didn't trust the missionaries. I was like oh CRAP. But not us , it was the missionaries before us. So that brought to my attention how important it is for us as missionaries to build trust with our members. So i'm planning to see everyone in our ward. 

     Now I want to end with my testimony that I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. It has given me the best family in the world. Heavenly Father knew I would need a big family and i'm thankful for his plan for me and everyone who follows Jesus Christ. By following Jesus Christ, I can promise you, we will have everlasting peace and happiness.

Love you All!
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Book Of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion and through its teachings we will be able to return to our Heavenly Father

WOOO!! Framingham is Awesome! 

     This week elder Bagley and I really had to sit down and talk about how were going to see miracles in Framingham. Now this Area is a lot different then my last one . Out in Revere Their are a lot of ghettos . Not here... We have almost knocked on all the doors in this one ghetto part of town.  For weekly planning we came up with some ideas that we could try to get investigators. So we brought all these ideas to ward council yesterday. One of these ideas was a fireside on member missionary work. Instead I told the bishop/Ward council that we could just do it this upcoming Sunday for a class. We will be having everyone except the little kids join us for this lesson. Now the Bishop was a little bit stunned that I said we would be willing to do this with such short notice. But hey like it says in PMG(Preach My Gospel) you can't do anything until you find someone to teach. So we really want the members to go and do some missionary work. Invite there friends. But will see how it goes. I know it will be great and we will have an awesome lesson. 
     This week we also taught Lynn and we had an awesome lesson on Baptism and Confirmation. Except we couldn't finish it. But that's alright. Lynn Will be one of those investigators where it will take a while for her to get baptized. She doesn't want to get pushed. But she is really progressing. She is trying to read the Book of Mormon all the way through. Last time we talked she was on Jacob. She writes down everything she learns in her notebook and always comes to us with a few questions. Besides Lynn we mostly were finding investigators this past week. This last Saturday we set a goal of contacting 30 people. We contacted 26. But we saw some blessings from our works. We picked up this guy named Frank and gave him a Jesus Christ DVD. Were planning to meet with him this weekend. Another blessing was yesterday. Elder Bagley and I are walking to our next class and then a lady from our ward came up to us and said hey this is my friend and she is investigating the church. Her and her son and we want to have dinner with all of you next Sunday. In my head I was like WWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Lets gooooooo!!!!! so were gonna pick them up this week.
     Now a few days ago we brought out Lynn's son who is a member. His name is Tony. He has been through a lot of things in his life. Because of stuff in his past he hurt his head and now he has Photographic memory. He read the Book of Mormon in 2 and a half hours and the bible in 3. He is a genius and he has a huge testimony of the Book of Mormon. He explained to us how people are extremely curios. When we give a Book Of Mormon out to someone they might just throw it on there book shelf or in a closet. But Humans being so curious sometime or another they will read it. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the convincing power of the divinity of Christ and his love for the people on earth. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion and that through its teachings we will be able to return to our heavenly father and I can promise that. Love yall

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, October 17, 2016

Jesus is the Christ and He needs his disciples to go spread the word of love and happiness

Whats up Everyone! 

     This week Was Sweet! So you all heard that i was getting transferred. I love Framingham so much! It is completely different from Revere. Revere is mostly city and Ghetto. But over here there is a lot of rich people. Its also woods every where. The trees are starting to change. Its really beautiful. 
     My companion is a stud. Elder Bagley is a great missionary. I have the great opportunity to follow up train him and to also be a district leader. We just had a District meeting this last week. I had them bring goals for this transfer. We also had a testimony meeting instead of a training. I just wanted to see where they are at so i know how i could best help them. 
    I live with the Spanish Elders. Their awesome! Elder Cagle and Elder Heppler. We all wake up 5 in the morning to go workout at a members house. We also are going to start up morning sports with the district and our STLs. I really want to bring Zion or unity into my district. In district meeting we had a goal to have a 100% member present lessons. I believe my District can do it. With much faith and diligence we can do anything. My district wants to work and wants to see miracles and i'm going to do my best to try to help them , Any way i can. Also this past week we had stake conference. 
     Elder Lawrence from the 70 came. He made a huge emphasis on member missionary work. Bring our less actives back to church. He brought up all these people who were less active and had them speak on how they came back to church and who helped them come back. Now getting someone baptized and making covenants with God is Amazing but re activating members is just as good.
    So i got permission from the Aps to go back to Revere and be apart of Shalyn's baptism. I asked Elder Clare what time was the baptism the day before. He told me the time and he said Shalyn wants you to baptize her. I was so Happy. So we went down and the spirit just took control of my body. I Baptized her and she had the biggest smile on her face. I really wanted to give her a hug and say how proud i was of her but that wouldn't be the best thing to do. We got dressed and went back to the relief society room to hear the talk on the holy ghost. The spirit was telling me hey you need to go up there and say something. So after the talk on the holy ghost i walked up there and say hey bishop can i say something. I said it meant a lot to me cause the missionaries baptized my mom at her same age. The missionaries were a huge role in my life. Without the missionaries i wouldn't have the people and this good life i have. 
    My testimony is that Jesus is the Christ and He needs his disciples to go spread the word of love and happiness.
I love you all.

-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, October 10, 2016

First Transfer - Framingham

Whats Up! 

     This week has been crazy!!!  So first off Elder Clare and I had to move out of our apt and go live with the Portuguese Elders. We got 2 new Chinese missionaries who joined our zone so we had to give them our apt. It was sad packing up and moving out of my first apt but i was down to go chill with the Portuguese Elders. I have been living out of my bag for the past few days just because i knew that i was getting transferred out. I found out that i have been released as a Zone Leader and now i am going to be a district leader out in Framingham, Massachusetts. I am super excited to be a district leader . I love helping the missionaries now i have my own district that i get to help out. 
     There is me and my companion Elder Bagley  who are English speaking. Then i got Spanish/Portuguese sisters. Then i also have Spanish Elders. I will be living with the Spanish elders.  I hear that we have a cool apt complex. It has indoor soccer and basketball courts. So i'm gonna try to stay fit. We also have a member down in framingham that has converted his garage into a gym with lots of weights. You don't know how happy i was to hear that. I am very thankful for the opportunity i have to go be a district leader. My new companion Elder Bagley has only been in the mission for 6 weeks. So i'm also follow up training him. Elder Clare trained Elder Sprhen And Elder Sprehn was training Elder Bagley. So Elder Clare is my Step Dad and Elder Sprhen is my Step brother so that means I'm Elder Bagleys step uncle. 
     I have been waiting for the opportunity to train or help train someone. I will be able to show them how to be a great missionary. I could teach him how my trainers taught me. Its going to be a lot of fun. So this email won't be as long as my other emails cause i just have tons of pictures to send but i would like to say that i know heavenly father needs me in Framingham. There is someone there waiting for me and i can't wait to meet them. I Love you all!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Each Time We Repent We Are Getting Closer To Our Heavenly Father

(Getting ready for zone meeting)

WOOO! This week was wicked awesome. This week we went over to our member Brother Valadez's house. Now Brother Valadez is a music producer. We had the opportunity to help him with some ideas with his next music video. Its a remix of amazing grace. He is working with Alex Botye. We basically just solidified his ideas that he had. The song was amazing. He sat us in his living room and had us close our eyes and just listen to the song . Then i kinda hinted to him that we would love to be in his music video. But its in Hawaii. He will be coming out with it in a few weeks. Make sure to check it out. 

Our investigators are still doing awesome. Shalyn gets baptized not this saturday but the next. We are almost finished with all the lessons with her. I plan to teach her everyhing before i get transferred out of Revere. I have spent a fourth of my mission in Revere i think its time to leave and go to a different part of the mission. This place has been really good to me. I also think it's time for me to get a son but thats on the lords timing. I'll know where im going this Friday after Zone meeting. In Zone meeting Stephan is giving the last testimony . Cause he is finished with his mission in Mass.Oh Lana is also doing well. Its kinda hard to teacher because she is 8 and wants to play. Oh and i don't think she understands most of what we say. But she gives good answers. Answers that any 8 year old would say. Read scriptures, go to church and pray. I plan to set 3 more baptismal dates while i'm still in Revere. I want to leave my companion with 5 baptismal dates all together. Susan is also doing very well. She loves church and has some great fellow shippers. Now we have to leave it to the ward to keep her active.

My first time watching confrence out in the field was great. I think mostly because i wasn't sleeping i was listening and taking notes. I got a lot out of confrence. One thing that really stuck out to me was when one of the apostles said that great Faith is continual repentance.  Now most the time we think of repentance as just saying sorry for something that we have done wrong. I have come to understand repentance as a growing in faith. Each time we repent we are getting closer to our Heavenly Father. You are turning your will over to the lord. By you turning your will over to the Lord you will receive a lot more joy in your life. I promise you that if you repent continuously through out your life you will have so much joy. As a disciple of Christ i want you to repent so you can be happy. I love you all.

-Elder Dalsasso