Monday, April 24, 2017

This Life wasn't meant to be easy...if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it


A lots been going on in Amherst, we are just working and working. We actually have to start taking the Bus because we have driven to so many places😂and maybe get some cardio in. Its starting to warm up here and i am so thankful for that😎 So we are actually trying to start up a couple groups right now. One in Portuguese and one in Spanish. This are will soon be a multilingual area. So we already have a few Spanish members and all we need is a few more spanish people to start up a group. Life is good! Our area is huge like you could take anywhere from 30min to an hour to get to one place or another. But most our work is In Amherst. We mostly leave Amherst for one of our Investigators or to see members. This place has been good to us. We just helped a member throw away old stuff and we got a bike and an An lounge for our apartment. Now were on the hunt for another bike to just bike everywhere. Work off some of the extra weight i got from the mission. HAHAHA But anyways this week went well, Adlyn is doing great shes studying from the Book Of Mormon and were planning on seeing her 3 times a week. We also had a ward missionary fireside that we got to speak a little bit about missionary work and inviting friends to come unto Christ.

So like always i'll end by baring my testimony on the things i know to be true. I know God sent us to this earth for a reason. We know why were here. We are to be tested to experience pain and joy ,sorrow and happiness. This life wasn't meant to be easy, but if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it like my son(Elder Phillipsen) always told me. We have Christs Grace to lift any bondage that we have. I love my savior, Heavenly Father and his spirit. I also love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, April 17, 2017

By Forgetting Ourselves and Strictly Just Following the Lord We Will Be Blessed in Abundance

Hey everyone, 

So this week has been another week of miracles and experiences. First miracle was having the opportunity to teach Adyln and set a date with her for May 13th. She is solid and we son't have a lot of worries with her. She use to have a friend in the ward who had passed away a few years ago. Thats how she got acquainted  with the Church. She even showed us a quad that she got from her friend when she passed away. The lord has definetley  blessed us with her. Also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with one of our Zone leaders Elder Sprehn. It was so much fun! we were in Springfield most the day. We had some crazy things happen while i was up there. We saw a drunk guy driving behind us and running a car off the road. Then we think that that same car was an undercover cop and pulled that guy over. Later in the day we were waiting for one of there members at the members home and this girl walks up and say"are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" we were like no were Mormons. She said ok will you teach me something😐 I was kinda baffled. So then we taught this girl on the members front lawn and got her number to call her back. Never has this happend  to either one of us where a random person comes up and asks to be taught. I won't lie and say i wouldn't want that to happen every time we stepped outside. But it was just the coolest experience. Easter was good, kinda forgot it was a holiday weekend. I thought of it as another day of work.

But anyways i would like to end with my testimony about not my will, but thine be down. It's crazy to think about the enormous blessings that come from being obedient and follow the council of our Heavenly Father. I have come to realize that by forgetting ourselves and strictly just following the lord we will be blessed in abundance. I promise that as we do the will of the Father and forget our will we will be blessed.
Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, April 10, 2017

Slowly Learning Portuguese

So this was a week was a week of Miracles. We Were going hard. We picked up Rachel and Kathy and set baptismal dates with them. For the 20th of May. We're super stoked about them. They were former Invs. Kathy also said that she believes Joseph smiths experience. We also taught some Cape Verde's! i get to speak Portuguese. Slowly and slowly i hope to pick up Portuguese creole. We also got to go to Nick and Cheryls baptism in my last area. I got tons of pics but these computers don't take my SD card so I'm gonna have to find something to transfer my pictures over. But anyways it was awesome. I got to see some of the members in Framingham . I felt like i was home when i went back. But Amherst is sweet . As it gets warmer more and more people are out. We were walking from an appointment and there was tons of people outside. I tried shaking one guys hand and he just stood up and he looked like he was ready to throw a punch. So we just walked away. Missionary work😂 love it.
So my email is short but i don't have enough time to chat sorry... But i would like to end with my testimony. That i know that God has a plan for each of us. We are his children he wants us to succeed in this life and in our next life. His plan is simple , but beautiful. It will lead us back to him and i know that this is true. Love you all.
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, April 3, 2017


     So this week I got into my New area, Amherst. Its really different from my last area. My last area was richer and not a lot of young people. But there's so many people my age. There's like 5 colleges in my area. Umass and Amherst College our a few miles away from each other. There are so many young people here. ITS NUTS!!!! 
     Their is a lot of work to be done here I'm so excited. There is quite a few Cape Verdes here 2. So time to pull out that Portuguese again. Except it's Creole ,so... I talked to a Cape Verde yesterday... Understood like every other word she said. But i'm excited , definitely need to pray for the gift of tongues. 
     Anyways our ward has 70 active members. Were supposed to have a YSA ,but, their Inactive so a lot of reactivation . My  companion is named Elder McIntyre. He has been out for 7 months and he's from south Jordan Utah. He's a great missionary eager to work and wanting to do good. Were out in the western part of Mass. Tons of trees and Farm land . 
     So I got to go this day was Crazy. But I just wanted to share my testimony on General Conference. It's amazing that Conference to me has now been a spiritual Super bowl . Filling my heart with Joy and excitement. The spiritual uplift that it brings, the love that has been put in my heart, the good feelings that have brought me closer to my savior. I testify that each and everyone of the General Authorities have been called by God. I testify that the quorum of the 12 are God's apostles here on earth and I know that Thomas s Monson is the Prophet of the lord in our day and age. Let's not forget about the blessings that come from our worthy leaders. Let us rejoice in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all.

Last supper in Framingham.

-Elder Dalsasso