Monday, April 3, 2017


     So this week I got into my New area, Amherst. Its really different from my last area. My last area was richer and not a lot of young people. But there's so many people my age. There's like 5 colleges in my area. Umass and Amherst College our a few miles away from each other. There are so many young people here. ITS NUTS!!!! 
     Their is a lot of work to be done here I'm so excited. There is quite a few Cape Verdes here 2. So time to pull out that Portuguese again. Except it's Creole ,so... I talked to a Cape Verde yesterday... Understood like every other word she said. But i'm excited , definitely need to pray for the gift of tongues. 
     Anyways our ward has 70 active members. Were supposed to have a YSA ,but, their Inactive so a lot of reactivation . My  companion is named Elder McIntyre. He has been out for 7 months and he's from south Jordan Utah. He's a great missionary eager to work and wanting to do good. Were out in the western part of Mass. Tons of trees and Farm land . 
     So I got to go this day was Crazy. But I just wanted to share my testimony on General Conference. It's amazing that Conference to me has now been a spiritual Super bowl . Filling my heart with Joy and excitement. The spiritual uplift that it brings, the love that has been put in my heart, the good feelings that have brought me closer to my savior. I testify that each and everyone of the General Authorities have been called by God. I testify that the quorum of the 12 are God's apostles here on earth and I know that Thomas s Monson is the Prophet of the lord in our day and age. Let's not forget about the blessings that come from our worthy leaders. Let us rejoice in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all.

Last supper in Framingham.

-Elder Dalsasso

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