Monday, June 19, 2017

Bu ta Papia Creole?


so this week has been super hectic! we had back to back exchanges. Our first exchange was with the ZLs in Springfield. It was a great day! contacting , dropping B.O.Ms( Books Of Mormon), and picking up some investigators. It was sweet! Then the next day we had more exchanges, but I was in Pittsfield. We did service and we swept and vacummed another churches chapel for an hour and a half. It felt ironic that to Mormon MIssionaries were cleaning a congregational church. For some reason that didn't feel right. HAHAHA anyways the exchanges were fun , but we didn't get a whole lot done in our area. On Friday we had our mission tour and Elder Foster from the Seventy came and trained us. The highlight was that we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and that brings strength in our lives. We also got Transfer text and i'm going to Central Falls speaking Portuguese!!! I'll be heading down to RI on Wednesday. I am super excited to be going into the Portuguese program and I can't wait to work down there. I would like to just leave you with my testimony, I know God answers prayers. I asked him to send me to the Portuguese program  last year and I had to wait a while, but its his own timing and he will always answer our prayers. Love you all!
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, June 12, 2017

2 Baptisms, 2 Weeks, Blessings on Blessings


So we had another great week in the Amherst area. First we went down to the Connecticut Temple to do Baptisms for the dead with Audrey. It was AWESOME!!! she just felt the spirit so powerfully. We also had someone from the temple presidency show Audrey a few things in the temple. She LOVED IT! afterwards she took us out to get some really good Italian food. It was like  9:30 when we left so we had to hurry home and it was an hour away😅 Oh and Audrey got asked to be in a church video. The Quorum of the 12 wants videos of recent converts to be put on a church video. We hope she gets picked to be in the video. 25 people are sending in there clips for this video. But we did ours in front of the temple so hopefully she'll be in the video.😉We also got to Baptize Zulma! crazy to think that we found her last transfer and she was just outside walking her Dog when we contacted her. She was really happy when she got baptized.  Then the next day she was confirmed and she paid her tithing 2, Made me feel really proud.Something i have learned from Zulma, Cheryl, Nick, and others is that we need patience. We can't have everything now, Its the lords timing. I was with Cheryl and nick for 6 months my whole time an Framingham. But with hope,faith, and Patience the Lord will bless you and those around you. Love you all
-Elder Dalsasso

Monday, June 5, 2017


We Baptized Audrey this week. She is one of the most prepared Investigators I've ever had. She was really nervous , but everything went well. We had a good turn out at the Baptism. Audreys friend/Coworker came to her Baptism to give a talk on Baptism , She had given birth to a child 48 hour before. We were all surprised that she could even walk. Her Husband gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost. Now we are getting ready to take her to the Temple in Hartford, Connecticut . We hope we can go tomorrow because she will be leaving for Montreal, Canada this week . Now we are just preparing for Zulmas Baptism this Saturday. We are going to be teaching her the Final lessons, get her an interview, and then shes all set. This is gonna be a shorter email but I do got pics and I do want to leave you with my testimony. I know that God is preparing people each and everyday to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are our Brothers and Sisters and they need us to help get on this track of everlasting Happiness. The only way we will help them is by inviting, testifying, setting forth a Christ like example so that they will know who to turn to in their time of questioning. I know this to be true , I know that Audreys friend was that Christ like example for her and now Audrey can be that example for someone else.
love you all,
-Elder Dalsasso